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Web that Rent of photo booths

United Nations estimates indicate that in Mexico, during the current decade and the next, there will be about 21 million adolescents and young people between the ages of 15 and 24.

This and the future generation, unlike those who closed the last millennium in this age range, modified (and modified) their habits of consumption in the wake of the global economic crisis of 2008.

According to a study presented by American Express and The Future Laboratory, Mexicans left aspirational consumption behind-that is, they no longer care about buying luxury goods-to change it by experience.

From this premise, businesses that promise unforgettable and unrepeatable moments are gaining more and more strength among young consumers.

If you are interested in conquering this market, a good option is to start a business of renting instant photo booths. This offer is very attractive for those who are close to hosting a wedding, birthday or corporate event.

The advantage of this venture is that you do not need to have advanced knowledge in photography because what customers are looking for is not the perfect image, but to preserve a fun moment.

Start your business with the purchase of a photo booths sydney – priced at the Mercado market starting at $ 36,600. Complement your services with fun accessories (wigs, glasses, hats and stoles) and you can even use fantasy makeup or more professional characterizations.

Another option is to do it from a franchise. The initial investment is approximately $ 100,000. The added value is that, being an already proven business, the risk of investment is minimal and you receive in an emission everything you need to start operations quickly.