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Web sites to train your brain while you’re having fun

To lead a healthy life , we must have a balance between the body and the mind.

If we spend some free time to do physical exercise or sport, an excellent activity to stay healthy and keep the body in a good shape, we should not neglect the training of our brain and mental exercises to improve memory or slow down its deterioration.

Various scientific research reflect certain activities such as Visual challenges, puzzles, crosswords and calculations, contributing to increase mental agility, and as a result help us to improve memory.

These games and applications to train our brain, you can perform both on the screen of our computer, smartphone or tablet will allow us to improve our cognitive qualities, playing and learning.

To do this, you visit 6 websites, that will help you train your brain at the same time that you fun, a perfect combination to enjoy our free time.



On this site, which is in Spanish, you can find various mind games to speed up your mind and train nerve cells.
Each game has several levels and detailed explanations for its operation.
You can play simply as a method to keep your brain in shape or in a more playful way, competing against other users.


It is a site where at the same time that we solve math operations such as adding, subtracting, divisions and multiplications, we are exercising our memory.
Operation and a text field where we have to introduce the result shows. Just indicate the first result begins a 30-second count down, our goal is to correctly solve the greater number of operations before end time.
After 30 seconds, and if we managed to hit a significant number of operations, we can upload our name and score to the ranking of the site, in order to motivate us and be even faster in resolving these simple mathematical exercises.

Games for the Brain

It is another very addictive page, where you can find all sorts of games to train the mind and you can spend hours playing.
Some games you can find are anagrams, sudoku, Minesweeper, ladies, read with speed, etc.


Classic classics, one numerical games oldest in the world, to play on your computer or smartphone Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Chrome, Windows Phone. A so much fun as a complicated game, that invites us to fill nine rows and columns with the series of numbers from 1 to 9, without that recur in the same row, column or sub-grid. Actually, it is a challenge which improves concentration.


It is a simple and addictive game ideal for amateurs to solve mathematical operations of head.
It is an application that displays a series of operations on screen. As we resolve them, increases the time available, always having a clock with countdown that informs how much is needed for our time runs out to resolve.
In the side menu you can specify the type of operations we want to resolve, from amounts to square roots.
At the end of our time, the Web shows the result on screen, indicating if we exceeded the average or not. For this purpose it is considered our personal ranking, which is displayed to the right of the screen. Available for Android.
Do you know any other game to train our brain? If so, please do not hesitate to recommend it.

They spend a good time training your memory, attention and mental agility!