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The best sites to see movies and TV shows online for free

The entry into force of the reform of the Copyright Act has forced several of the most powerful web pages to abandon their cause online movies. However, not all administrators of these websites have acted like those, which is now just a social network around audiovisual content . We show in this publication, the top 5 websites for series and movies online.

Under the reform of the Intellectual Property Law, which came into force earlier this year, the websites that have previously been dedicated to collecting links to audiovisual content that could violate copyright should have stopped doing already.But some of them have remained exactly the same way they operated, even with the attendant risk that under current legislation, while others have devised their own strategies to avoid compliance with this reform. Whatever the situation of each, still remain several active portals to offer this service.



Who said that such sites could not keep a really nice interface? If Pordede or have conquered its users, among other things, by the look in the catalog it is shown undoubtedly improve this aspect Series.Mu significantly. Although so far only found links to series, the team behind this project is already working on adding movies. The menus are really comfortable and, as in the case of their counterparts, can keep track of the series in emission, or seen brands such as slope and more.


It is proposed as possibly the best successor to And although it is not the only site that we can use today to watch online movies, the fact is that the configuration of your menus, interface and operation of the website are ideal for users who have recently been forced to seek an alternative to in addition to watching movies online, we can see series and track scheduling them. However, some of the most interesting features are its lists of contents and search filtersprecise offered.

  •, the alternative to with free movies and series.

Project free tv is the number one streaming platform to watch all of your favorite series and tv shows for free. Unlike other streaming services, project free tv is completely free. They provide an online directory for all series and TV Shows, which guide you to links that out link to third party file sharing sites which host the video. Project free tv offers all new shows that have just been released on popular tv networks

His -interfaz- aspect is not as careful as that of, but the truth is that complies perfectly with what we propose, which is basically watching sitcoms and movies online. In the case of SeriesDanko, as its name suggests, the content is limited to series, that are continuously updated through the large active communitythat counts.

cuevana 2

cuevana 2

Its origin is not the same as “Cuevana”, although it might appear a second version of this software for playing multimedia content streaming. Now, thanks to Cuevana 2 does not need any extra software, but simply our web browser, is presented as an even better option. Where appropriate, it offers a somewhat minimalist interfaceand its operation notable for the ease of use features. We found a movie without having to access links, we can see directly in streaming, since the videos are embedded.

yonki series

¿Regretted the huge loss that led to the fall of SeriesYonkis? For in this alternative extension staying a backup of the original version of which they are being introduced daily, new content that keep alive the spirit of SeriesYonkis. In addition, its interface and operation is exactly the same, so if you were SeriesYonkis user is more than likely that this is the option that best suits your tastes.


Seriesly Website, as we knew it , it was already more than 15 days, but thanks to the backup you made ​​some users could stay with us links the community rose to the website so that finally reached the dimension I had. is built on this backup links,and although still being developed and is available almost all links to the series, whilemovies will be next to be accessible. You need us to register, and after doing so we will see that there are many more options to find our series in alphabetical order. In any case, your administrator ensures that there soon will see online movies besides the series-, and are preparing a feature for users to upload new links to content as well as to report and evaluate already available.