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The 20 best movies about hackers

Who does not remember the best movies about hackers? project free tv brings you a collection of 20 movies on the topic of hacker, launch the website to Watch Movies Online Free. Let’s start:

(20) The Net (1995)
First day of vacation of a computer programmer Gets a strange which investigate it. It saves it and discover that it has a key to access the databases protected United States control. At the same time sees how all details of his life contained in computer files are suppressed or distorted.

19) Takedown (2000)
Kevin Mitnick, the best-known hacker in the United States, is on probation because its computer pirateos. Despite everything, Kevin attempts to hack the computer security system invented by Shimomura, a specialist who works for the Government.

18) Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999)
Silicon Valley is a region of California where they settle, from the Decade of the 1980s, many new companies related to computer science and new technologies. “Pirates of Silicon Valley” recounts, with real names, Apple and Microsoft companies through its founders principles: Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak’s Apple, and Bill Gates and Paul Allen as the founders of Microsoft. Creators of two of the largest multinational in the world of computers and software today in day, the film shows the beginnings of these young people with enormous talent but not too good character. In addition, this fiction telefilm had some controversy on its release, because it clearly states that Gates and Allen (of Microsoft) copied Macintosh for its Windows operating system.

17) The Matrix (1999)
A pirate programmer gets one day a mysterious visitor… Nothing more should have the synopsis of Matrix. Moreover, if he has not yet seen it, don’t let anyone tell you to what is Matrix. Because much of the worldwide success of this fascinating and entertaining film is based on his original screenplay, amazing idea product of the technological age in which we live. If to this we move together his revolutionary aesthetic – with spectacular and exciting scenes of action never before seen in the gender-, we have why the consecration of this dazzling fantastic tape as the higher end of century cult film. Maybe that it is obsolete in a few years, but by then already nothing will make us forget the day we discover what is Matrix… and that Carrie-Anne Moss inlaid in leather, authentic ice – cold burning-the sexiest heroine of these cyber times.

16) Deadpool (2016)

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15) The Conversation (1974)
Harry Paul, a detective whose reputation as a specialist in surveillance and security systems is recognized by his colleagues across the country, receives the assignment by a magnate to investigate his young wife. You must preview your conversations with an employee of the man he seems to be in love. Mission, an expert in its category, is at first glance unexplainable, because the couple does not offer any interest out of the ordinary. However, when Harry ended his work, he warns that something strange is behind the banality that has been investigating, since his client refuses to identify himself, always using intermediaries.

14) antitrust (2001)
MILO (Ryan Phillippe), a young genius programmer, has wood to become one of the best news in the world. From the garage of his home, develops technology that aspire to the largest companies in the world: a revolutionary software that allows the link of all forms of digital communication, through a single power supply. When Milo is about to achieve his dream, receives an offer he can not refuse: money, resources and the multitude of possibilities offered by Gary Winston (Tim Robbins), the head of N.U.R.V., a millionaire and powerful software company, on deck.

(13) real Genius (1985)
Comedieta student with a bit of mess and crazy gags that give rise to a rather indigestible stew”.

12) Mission Impossible (1996)
Ethan Hunt is a superspy able to solve any risky situation with maximum elegance. Part of a competent team led by agent Jim Phelps, who has returned them to gather for a very difficult mission: prevent the sale of a stolen disc containing secret information of vital importance.

(11) The Thirteenth Floor (1999)
Hannon Fuller, a business Tycoon and entrepreneur businessman, died in strange circumstances. His friend and second Board, Douglas Hall, is introduced to a maelstrom of crime and deception when the death of his superior begins to reveal a dangerous double life that moves between two parallel worlds, one in 1937 and one in the present.

10) Swordfish (2001)
Stanley Jobson, a computer expert who has just come out of prison, is required by the terrorist Gabriel Shear so help you decode a complicated code of a secret account. Only a few hackers in the world are capable of performing the job, and he is one of them. Even though you cannot touch a computer, methods of Shear force to Jobson to help him in his mission.

(9) The Italian Job (2003)
Charlie Croker and his gang of thieves trying to get the blow of their lives; done with a truck full of gold, amañando traffic lights of Los Angeles to create more jam never seen in the city. So they rely on achieving a perfect strike and make a getaway without risks.

8) Foolproof (2003)
Kevin, Rob and Sam plan perfect rounds, without the intent to carry them out. A gangster is part of his job and decides to blackmail to make a millionaire robbery, and only his cunning will deliver them from the problem.

(7) eXistenZ (1999)
Framed in the near future, Existenz writes a society in which game designers are revered as superstars and where players can enter organically in those games Alegra Geller is the author of more game, Existenz, a creation where users do not distinguish the boundaries between reality and fantasy.

6) The Score (2001)
Nick Wells is a thief by profession and is close to an almost impossible theft, which will involve joining forces with a young and skillful accomplice. Dubious society is arranged by the former friend of Nick and reducidor, Max, interrupting plans by Nick retire from crime and settle with his girlfriend. This requires that Nick violates one of its most important rules: always work alone.

5) Sneakers (1992)
Martin Bishop, a genius of computers, is the leader of a group of specialized experts to check the security systems of large companies. One day he is forced to work for a secret agency in order to steal a secret black box. After getting it, they discover that the box has the ability to decode all encryption systems existing in the world, and that the agents for those working are not exactly Government.

(4) Revolution OS (2001)
By this film parade many philosophers and founders of these projects. Richard Stallman is the founder of GNU; Linus Torvalds is the first developer behind Linux and Richard Perens, one of the strangest characters have ever seen ever, is the author of the Open Source definition.

3) Die Hard 4: Live Free or Die Hard (2007)
In the United States, the computer infrastructure that handles all types of communications, transport and energy suffers a devastating break by a terrorist group. The brain that lies behind this plot has taken into account even the smallest detail of this devastating plan. With what he had not counted was with John McClane (Bruce Willis), a police officer of the old school who knows a thing or two about how to thwart terrorist threats, the right man for this type of work.

2) Wargames (1983)
David is a young expert in everything related to computer science: skips the most advanced security systems, gets more sophisticated secret codes and understanding the computer as a game. But the game gets complicated when unconsciously connects your PC to the of the Department of Defense American, in charge of the nuclear defense system, triggering a situation of uncontrollable proportions. Helped by his girlfriend and a “genius” of the computers will have to fight time and avoid ever greater global conflict: the third world war.

1) Tron (1982)
A hacker is divided into molecules and transported to the guts of a computer in which an evil program controlled behaviors at your leisure.

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