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Para-dogs trap poachers in South Africa spotted elephant ivory, ammunition and explosives

Poaching is a huge problem in many African countries

At least 200 medium dog breeds are being trained to jump from a helicopter, along with their instructors , to follow the trail of poachers and protect species indanger of extinction .

The aim of the authorities of the Kruger National Park is to have a system that allows them to capture the hunters before they can escape, a situation that is complicated for patrols because of the difficult terrain .

It is through the Training Academy that is training canine binomials , and the same officials explain that they have found in the K9 a reliable method to combatillegal hunters in the national park.

The poaching is a huge problem in many African countries . According to a recent report, every six hours a rhinoceros is killed on the mainland by its horns, which are often sold in Asia for a large amount of money.

The situation has put several species in danger of extinction and hardly the authorities or activists have the form to catch the hunters , in spite of helping themselves with technology, that manage to disappear easily in the mountains.

However, dogs could be of great help in protecting rhinos and elephants . They are even coach to jump from a helicopter , something that does not seem to bother them but quite the opposite.

In addition to capturing poachers, dogs will be able to spot elephant ivory, ammunition and explosives. All the dogs of the program are raised and trained at the academy’s facilities , according to National Geographic Eric Ichikowitz of the Ichikowitz Family Foundation .

The training has been so significant that even Arrow , a German shepherd , entered the Guinness Book of Records as the first “anti-poaching dog.” The two-year canon is part of an elite K9 team trained to participate in special operations, such as the fight against smuggling.