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How should be the website of a law firm?

A website always has two main objectives to fulfill:

  1. Getting qualified visitors. These are those who come to the site interested in the content published.
  2.  Getting these visitors act in a certain way. (Conversion)

To achieve the two goals we must achieve carefully plan the structure and functions submit the websites for lawyers .

So far all this is common for any website, but in this article we will analyze the optimal structure of a website aimed at a law firm, taking into account two fundamental aspects:

  1. The services offered by the company.
  2. The needs of a potential client legal services.

We will relate a list of items and interesting features to consider in web design for lawyers , especially centered at point 2 (get conversions) we are going depending onthe target group they will get. In case you want a practical sample of how a good site is, please visit the site of lawyers in Florence SC


1. Professionalism

  • Clear messages and direct s referring to solvency in service
  • Publishing valuable content through a blog or from a section of solved cases, the aim is that visitors perceive our knowledge and expertise.

2. Proximity

  • Inquiry form from which the visitor send us your case, if we review and prepare a rapid response get hit and be present in symptom-making.
  • Queries through chat , requires more dedication than the previous point but still get positively connect with the visitor.
  • Photographs of the team’s office , fleeing the remaining stock photographs personality, able to connect more with the visitor.
  • A video presentation where members of the office have services and how to operate gets offers a very good sense of closeness.

3. Confidence

  • A module of customer reviews that speak well of us and briefly explain how we managed to get help communicate confidence of a very effective way.
  • Gallery logos of our customers highlights also enhances the confidence of the visitor.


We now present the elements that once achieved the previous target of communication and impact on visitors are encouraged to make contact and do it as planned.

Accelerators conversion

  • Clear proposals . The client legal services, as we discussed in a previous post has expectations that needs to meet, we must directly attack them with clear messages that help dissolve doubts and are encouraged to contact. Example. First visit free. / Resolve your case xxxxx type within a maximum period of 48 hours. / Always be at your side until the end and then …
  • Commitments. We will encourage visitors to contact if we promise to answer quickly, review your case in less than 24 hours …
  • Contact fast visible and accessible from mobile devices.

Calls for effective action.

A call to action (CTA) is a module from which we ask visitors to act, is composed of a button, a phrase that accompanies and encourages, also may be a small data collection form. These CTA will be effective if:

  • The phrase action is centered at a profit.
  • The button is visible.
  • The form is correct and not too extensive.

As we mentioned at the beginning there are also other elements and functions to consider especially to get the first goal we have named, that of getting visitors, discuss in another post where I speak of the optimal structure of organization of content and as the study of search habits of our potential customers must determine how to write and publish content.