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Develop software and scanner for foot care


The company NF Medica, belonging to the technological business incubator, attached to the Centre for the management and innovation of the technology (Cegint) at the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente (ITESO), developed a technology that consists of a software that allows to scan the feet to perform medical diagnoses and then give diabetic foot care treatments.
According to Juan Pablo Delgado, commercial director of the company, NF Medica offer is “a business concept to the office or clinic of the medical specialist in orthopaedics, physiotherapy in general, which brings an added value to your inquiry offering a test. In this way the doctor can give a more modern consultation and specialized software helps you have a more accurate diagnosis.”He said the scanner is connected to computer and software to obtain a result between the foot and the type of templates that the patient, which also develops medical NF will require. There are around 50 models of different sizes and hardnesses and they can be customized according to the needs of the patient.

With regard to the software, called NF Medic @, Delgado said it is used with the scanner, called Plantoscan: “capturing data from the patient, accurate measurement of feet, how distributed pressure to step on, and based on that suggests what features should be the template in terms of size and hardness”. At the end the specialists determine if additional modifications must be made.

As for templates, “they are made of a material that makes taking adequate cushioning, which is very important for the foot,” said Delgado, and added that they will also help to that is to “distribute the weight of the person in a correct way; give better support arches, they help to align the bone of the body structure, to the person to stand more upright way and to not tired feet”.

The company’s business model is what Delgado called medical franchise, which is sold to “clinics or clinics of doctors, mainly orthopedists and sports specialists”. There are franchises of the brand in different cities in Mexico and countries like Colombia.

According to Delgado, 80 per cent of the population in Mexico has sooner or a problem in the tread. So the company aims to “resolve, with support from the specialists, the most common problems of the population as flat foot, arches fallen arches, toe out, among others”.

He also said that the process of incubation in the Iteso “has helped us to better structure the work, to give a new image to the company, but above all in the development of software, which is what makes the Technology Park (of the House of studies).