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Best vacuum cleaners 2016

Do you have little time? I make a summary: if you are looking for the best best-selling vacuum cleaners in the history of Spain in 2016 and 2017, then you have a comparative table of the best affordable vacuum reviews of 2016 where I summarize everything .

Do you have very little time? Then take a look at the three best-selling vacuum cleaners of all, the Polti C110 , its immediate model the Polty C115  or the latest version that enhances the latter two, the vacuum cleaner C130 Plus . Whatever you choose from the three will be a good buy insured and endorsed by thousands of consumers.

I have exactly the C130 Plus and the C110 and I’m very happy with both. They have a pontencia of the côte, are cleaned very easy and filters the air much better than the other two.

The 2016 is already water passed and we only have his memory when we were wrong to write the date in all those times we do not know in what years we live, but remember, we are in 2017 and the time is now, Carpe Aspirator Diem said Horacio. And also also now is the time to start having the house like the gold jets right? Let’s do it.

Then I show you the best vacuums of 2016, so you get to the point and just have to decide between the best of the best, well, you save time, and money.

The C110 has been throughout the 2015, 2016 and it seems that in 2017 also,  the most sold for many reasons.

Do you want to know what characteristics guarantee it? Follow me and do not miss detail.

  1. It has a removable tank that empties easily, so cleaning is not uncomfortable; Has a 2 in 1 accessory that combines the suction lance with a brush to remove dirt from joints, cracks and corners, ensuring a perfect finish in your home.
  2. In addition, with regard to the intrinsic properties of the apparatus, I will tell you that this Polti cyclonic vacuum has four filtering phases and a washable EPA filter.
  3. Compact in size, it has all the advantages of a vacuum cleaner without a bag and a power that makes it the worst enemy of all types of dirt, even the most elusive.
  4. It comes in an elegant combination of colors (red and black), weighs 4.5 kilos and has a capacity of 2 liters. Of course, in the section of improvements, I will tell you that its energy rating is not the best (F).

In short, how do you know if it is the device you are looking for? If you want a cheap and versatile portable vacuum cleaner , with which to clean floors, mirrors and crystals, and also want to spend very little money, this is yours.

Polti C130 Plus. The model you have here is the substitute of the well-known Polti C110, and is that the C130 Plus improves your little sister around and has even more powerful genes.

What improvements does the Polti C130 Plus have on the Polty C110?

  1. It has 5 phases of filtering the air that sucks in front of the 4 of the c110.
  2. With HEPA filter that traps more impurities against the EPA filter of the c110. Perfect for allergy sufferers.
  3. Energy efficiency class AA (Double A! Like Double Dragon!) Which saves you a few eurillos in the invoice. (That yes, you will have to wait 150 years to notice results).
  4. Quieter, 76 db compared to 79 of the c110.
  5. Tube parking system, and I promise you this detail is the best I have ever seen. I no longer have the hose lying around tangled, and that every time I take it out of the closet, it drags everything like a fishing boat.
  6. The tube is telescopic and adjustable, so if you measure almost 1.90 like me, your lumbars will flip out of gustirrinín and thank those engineers of glasses of pasta that instead of coming out of glasses they invented that.

Rowenta Air Force Extreme . The Rowenta vacuum cleaner is the best-selling broom of 2015 and postulates the same title in 2016 , you know, those devices with long and hard handle that suck dirt instead of moving it. Like all hybrids, it has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s see.

It is a blue vacuum cleaner without cord and without bag, very comfortable to use and with 2,200 watts of power.

It works, of course, with a battery, which gives you 45 minutes of autonomy (with time will go down) and whose status you can check on the handle of the device, so you will not be surprised with an unpleasant shutdown.

With ultra-thin nozzle and removable brush is designed to make the cleaning of the home a task simpler and faster, so that you can spend your time in more fun activities (and that, no matter how sorry Monica, clean does not spring) .

Users give a 4.3 out of 5, which is not bad, although there are opinions for all tastes. I transcribe some to you to decide with freedom


And with this we reach the end of our tour of the best vacuums 2016 . Do you dare to buy one of them and clean your house in a comfortable and effective way? Nobody likes to extreme (what a word!), But if they make it easy and the result is impeccable … Clean and presumamos from home!