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They are fast and pleasurable treatments. They fight the signs of tiredness, superficial wrinkles and impurities of the face. In a few minutes the freshness of the complexion is recovered, being like Pilates, the ideal allies of the women with little time.

Any habit of applying a pilaten mask mask once a week, if you have oily skin, or every two weeks if it is dry. It is a moment that you can also take advantage of to relax and rest. They are 20 minutes of beauty express after which your skin will be soft, smooth and totally renewed. Cleopatra made masks of clay, while Popea preferred plasters of milk and honey. Today, the masks have been refined and presented
in a huge variety. They are a quick and effective solution to cleanse, moisturize, rejuvenate momentarily and give luminosity to the skin.


Mask of activated poly-molecules: contains mink oil, wheat germ and rosehip, among other components. As soon as it is placed, it takes the anatomy of the face acquiring the texture of a plastic cream. When it is removed, the skin looks supple and remarkably nourished with a natural sheen that gives it a young and healthy look (Drink Scally).

Exfoliating mud mask: clay base. Contains chamomille, urea, titanium dioxide and vitamin E, among others. It takes between 20 and 25 minutes to dry and is removed with cold water. Contains no fatty materials (Tamara Di Tella)

Biological: with soy lecithin and avocado oil. It gives the skin the necessary amount of lipids to smooth and polish surface lines. It is not recommended for oily skin (Tamara Di Tella).

Raspberry moisturizer: because of its high content of moisturizing substances, it prevents dehydration. If you add jojoba oil, it enhances your nutritional capacity (Tamara Di Tella).

With live cells: it is a treatment for facial rejuvenation. A base of cells packed in an individual freezing state, which allows them to retain their integrity (enzymes, proteins, nucleic acid). The introduction into the skin of these new cells and full of energy causes in the mature a spectacular revitalization from the first session (10 are advised). The result is young, radiant, hydrated skin with no expression lines (Magda Pisa-ni).

Fiber mask of gingko biloba: gingko biloba is a tree with restorative properties that comes from China and Japan. It is a very important anti-aging agent. This mask decreases expression lines. The skin appears moisturized and firm after the treatment. It is ideal for an important event, since the results are seen after a single application (Magda Pisani).


• Fresh lemons for youthful skin: squeeze the juice of a lemon and apply on the skin by gently massaging. Leave the face completely clean to continue with a face mask. Lightly beat an egg white. Mix with a spoonful of mayonnaise and a lime juice. Spread over face and neck and allow to dry. Rinse with warm water and then with cold water. The enzymes of the lemon help to expel the impurities of the skin, close the pores and affirm the skin improving its color.

Skin Rejuvenating Mask: Mix one egg white and half a cup of lemon juice with oatmeal. Make a paste. Apply on face and neck for half an hour. This purifies the pores and expels the embedded impurities. Once washed, the skin looks fresh, healthy and healthy.

• Cucumber mask: Peel a cucumber and cut into slices. Place it in the blender with a small amount of water to make a soft pulp. Apply it on your skin and leave as much time as you can. Fresh cucumber offers a wealth of moisturizing agents that help create the natural smoothness of the skin. It also stimulates the inactive cells themselves and fights the dryness of aging blades.

• Facial cleanser for wilted skin: Remove the peel and knead a well ripe avocado. Mix with half a cup of corn flour to form a homogenous paste. Add cornmeal and rub the face and neck with this paste. This helps to detach and expel the dead cells, so that the skin regains a surprising vigor and freshness.

Advised: Magda Pisani


• Use on the face and neck taking care not to touch the eyelids, nasal mucous and lips.
• Apply after cleansing the skin.
• Place a product under the mask that can be: a clay lotion, a moisturizing or nourishing ampoule, and in the case of the biological, a toning lotion.
• If your skin tends to redden, do not use clay-based masks.
• Do not apply masks containing essential oils to areas with enlarged pores.
• Consult a dermatologist in case of an allergic reaction.
• Rest or lie back while the mask is working.
• Remember that she is the ideal ally in cases of “last minute exits” because they eliminate the signs of tiredness on the skin.


Of clay type: legs that have thickened skin and fat. If you have skin – dry or dehydrated, it does not suit you a clay-based mask, as it would cause an excessive drying out of the skin. Biological: returns moisture to the skin and gives luminosity. Contains higher doses of active bioactivators. Collagen vein: collagen iaminilias are grouped in a leaf, are hydrated in several products such as rosemary, ginseng, marigold oil or aloe vera leaves.