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A dating website for dog lovers

Believed to have found the perfect guy: friendly, helpful, thoughtful … but when you filed with your ‘true love’, your dog Fifi, you made it difficult when you did choose between him or Fifi, you expect someone who care about “how is my dog today” or “what breed is my dog“,..etc..

If this story sounds familiar, quiet because there is now dating website http: // http: // , for dog owners. Its founder, Kris Rotonda, was based on his failed romantic experiences to create a dating site for dog lovers .

“A girl that output still can not believe it – let their dogs with me and never came back for them”, said the executive, who felt the need to look for someone who would like dogs as much as he.

For those looking for true love


“Dogs require total commitment, every day, their owners;. And this link is like a parent-child relationship If you are dating [with someone], you need to find a person who understands that bond,” said Rotonda that finally found love.

http: // http: // , which already has more than 2 million members, works like other dating sites . Filled with your profile information and preferences;choose your subscription: 1 month for $ 29.95, three months $ 19.95 per month, and six months for $ 15.95 monthly.

Kris Rotonda says that unlike other dating sites, where a cycle of short – term relationships is created, your site offers a place for those people looking for true love to respect the strong ties that are created with pets.