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7 reasons why a DJ should have a website

A website is one of the most important things you can do to show your presence. The web page should be updated, and it should be relevant content about you as a biography, your topics, sessiones, contact … If you do not have any, should see these 7 reasons why I recommend you the make, you will not regret it.

1. Professionalism


One of the most important reasons in this profession like any other. If you’re not professional, say goodbye to work anywhere, no one will want to hire you.
Within the DJ profession, it is a great point to consider as it will be the gateway for many clients to hire you , and have to carry a good impression of you, so that the page has to be nice, and completely updated advertising.


2. All on one site


If you have to put a link to yours advertising purposes, you can only use one, but customers should have access to all your content. For this serves the website, in one site you have your productions, sessiones, videos, performances, biography, social networks, contact … for everything much easier, and that whenever someone needs something about you, you can go to your website to get it.


3. Unlimited expression


A website is not a social network. While social networks you can only put a maximum number of characters and allow you very little chance of insertion of multimedia files in a web page you can unleash your creativity and write as much as you need to have, putting images or videos on the sides allowing download files … all I could do in a social network, even on Facebook.


4. SEO


A great way to position yourself in search engines like Google or Bing is to create a web page with lots of text and well connected. If you only have user profiles on social networks, your potential customers are going to be harder to find through search engines, and not to mention you do not look for you specifically, but they search among many wedding dj melbourne. In these cases, having a website can make a difference.


5. Global Reach


That’s one of the advantages of the Internet, which knows no borders. Thus, anyone can enter your website from being in your house to the other side of the world, your page will look the same everywhere. Therefore, one point to keep in mind when creating your website is to place a language selector, so you can read the texts anyone.


6. Competing alongside the best


Internet no outlets, no money involved, as unfortunately happens in reality. On the Net all play fair, anyone can manage to have the best website, or anyone can be well positioned in Google, to do no good to have friends in Google, or pay huge amounts of money to occupy the top positions, which in yes actually happens often, as in the great festivals.


7. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

open poster Another advantage that the Net is that never closes, anyone can enter a site, no matter the day or time you enter, so it is a great point to keep in mind that potential customers can find things about you at any time.



If you have decided that you do your website, you have chosen the right choice, the best will go to get a job as a DJ. In another post, I will write some points on how to make a web DJ, what has to be in it … For those who want it create, they can do it the right way, and those who already have the fix for all is much better.