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5 excellent web pages to learn English online for free

Knowing English in today’s world is almost a prerequisite for any type of academic or professional career that we decide to follow. Of course it is not easy, como aprender ingles com facilidade is always complex, besides the courses and exams are very expensive.


Currently there are many options of face-to-face, blended or directly online courses, but if you do not have time or money to access those courses, you can always practice a little on your own. In addition to watching movies without subtitles, listening to music and reading books in English, we also recommend visiting some of these websites that can be very helpful. In them you will find tests and exercises to practice English . Doing it is completely free and can really be very useful.

# 5 Know English

This page is a great help if you already know some English but you need to perfect your grammar. It has a lot of useful resources like video clips, movies and texts in English, but the grammar section is the best part. It has absolutely all the rules of English and the best thing is that it is perfectly ordered so you can not miss anything.

The vocabulary section is also very detailed, precise and useful. The good thing about this page, in addition, is that it includes some explanations in Spanish so that everything is perfectly clear. Go ahead and investigate a little more in depth, you will find the link below in this article.


# 4 Learn English

This is an ideal page to start learning English for adults. The best thing about this site is its vocabulary section since it has all kinds of words, concepts and expressions useful for basic communication in English . You will find the link below in this article.

# 3 Web Agenda

Agenda Web is a very didactic page but less pleasant to use than others. It has many useful resources, but it is more messy and it can be difficult to find what you are looking for. The best thing about this site is the listening section , where you will find many useful audios to practice pronunciation , which is fundamental and is not usually easy to get for free on the web.

# 2 BBC Learning English

Did you know that the BBC has a website to learn English ? The best thing about this site is that it serves to learn British English, which is the original. The grammar sections and the vocabulary of this site are excellent, but you must bear in mind that, because it is British English, you can find more complex forms and idioms than those of American English. Below you will find the link.

# 1 English Page

This page is my favorite, it is the one I use every day and I recommend it with special emphasis. All sections of this site are excellent, especially the section of grammar and verb tenses . It is based on American English and, in fact, is so good that many traditional courses use it as additional support for their students. The best thing about this site is that it has hundreds of exercises for each of the lessons it offers.

Below you will find the links for all the websites that we recommend to learn English .