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5 excellent web pages to learn English online for free

Knowing English in today’s world is almost a prerequisite for any type of academic or professional career that we decide to follow. Of course it is not easy, como aprender ingles com facilidade is always complex, besides the courses and exams are very expensive.


Currently there are many options of face-to-face, blended or directly online courses, but if you do not have time or money to access those courses, you can always practice a little on your own. In addition to watching movies without subtitles, listening to music and reading books in English, we also recommend visiting some of these websites that can be very helpful. In them you will find tests and exercises to practice English . Doing it is completely free and can really be very useful.

# 5 Know English

This page is a great help if you already know some English but you need to perfect your grammar. It has a lot of useful resources like video clips, movies and texts in English, but the grammar section is the best part. It has absolutely all the rules of English and the best thing is that it is perfectly ordered so you can not miss anything.

The vocabulary section is also very detailed, precise and useful. The good thing about this page, in addition, is that it includes some explanations in Spanish so that everything is perfectly clear. Go ahead and investigate a little more in depth, you will find the link below in this article.


# 4 Learn English

This is an ideal page to start learning English for adults. The best thing about this site is its vocabulary section since it has all kinds of words, concepts and expressions useful for basic communication in English . You will find the link below in this article.

# 3 Web Agenda

Agenda Web is a very didactic page but less pleasant to use than others. It has many useful resources, but it is more messy and it can be difficult to find what you are looking for. The best thing about this site is the listening section , where you will find many useful audios to practice pronunciation , which is fundamental and is not usually easy to get for free on the web.

# 2 BBC Learning English

Did you know that the BBC has a website to learn English ? The best thing about this site is that it serves to learn British English, which is the original. The grammar sections and the vocabulary of this site are excellent, but you must bear in mind that, because it is British English, you can find more complex forms and idioms than those of American English. Below you will find the link.

# 1 English Page

This page is my favorite, it is the one I use every day and I recommend it with special emphasis. All sections of this site are excellent, especially the section of grammar and verb tenses . It is based on American English and, in fact, is so good that many traditional courses use it as additional support for their students. The best thing about this site is that it has hundreds of exercises for each of the lessons it offers.

Below you will find the links for all the websites that we recommend to learn English .


The trigger trigger hCG is a dose of the Human chorionic gonadotropin hormone, which is normally produced by the body after implantation of the fertilized egg in the lining of the uterus. This medication is administered by injection and was scheduled to coincide with the end of the maturation of the ovarian follicles. When the injection of hCG is administered, the follicles release their eggs and a woman can become pregnant. The trigger trigger hCG is used in fertility treatments, such as programmed intercourse and medicinal cycles for intrauterine insemination and in vitro fertilization.

The trigger trigger hCG is available by prescription and is pre-mixed or unmixed. The injection may be Ovidrel, Pregnyl, Profasi, Novarel or generic. A doctor will prescribe anywhere from 5,000 to 20,000 IU of the drug, depending on the patient. It is very important to follow the doctor’s instructions for the mixing and administration of this drug in order to ensure maximum fertility.

An hCG shot can be administered in the doctor’s office or at home. The timing of the shot is very important, since it can cause ovulation anywhere from 12 to 48 hours after the injection. These hours will be the woman’s peak fertile period, as well as any sexual act, the collection of eggs or insemination in time must occur while the eggs are viable. The hCG trigger can be administered as a subcutaneous injection into the abdomen or thigh or as an intramuscular injection.

Once the injection is given, the signal for the final maturation of the ovules and ovulation is produced. Some women experience some pain and bleeding when ovulation occurs, which is normal and is not cause for alarm. Coitus or insemination on time takes place anywhere from 12 to 36 hours after the injection was given. Ideally, more than one insemination or round of sexual intercourse can be used to increase the chances of a viable egg being known for sperm.

If the trigger hCG successfully induces final maturation and ovulation, when combined with sexual intercourse or insemination in time, this can lead to the fertilization of the ovule. The hCG of the trigger vaccine remains in the urine for about seven to 10 days after the injection is administered, which means that the home pregnancy tests can give a false positive after triggering the trigger. A blood test to measure hCG levels usually takes place 14 or more days after ovulation, since these results should not be affected by the trigger.

Since hCG is produced by the body during pregnancy, the side effects of this medication are like those of early pregnancies. Nausea, breast tenderness, swelling, and mild abdominal cramps are common side effects of the hCG trigger vaccine. The vaccine can also result in the release of more than one matured ovum, which increases the risk of multiple births. These risks should be discussed with the doctor before administering the drug, as selective reduction may be necessary to ensure a healthy birth.

7 types of faucets for your kitchen on the web

Do not know what type of faucet is the most suitable for your kitchen ?. In this basic guide we offer you a series of tips that will surely make that choice much easier.

In our kitchens there are two points on which all the activity we do in it revolves. One is the place where it is cooked, the plates or the fires and the other is where the liquids are supplied and evacuated, that is the sink.

Maybe you may be interested:


The sink faucet is an instrument that is used daily and also for very diverse uses such as filling a pan with water, mopping utensils, cleaning food, filling large containers for cleaning, etc. That is why it is so important to choose the right faucet that allows us to carry out a greater number of activities in the most comfortable and effective way.

We will focus on the group of taps called “monomando”, which have practically completely displaced the traditional “bimando” taps, relegating their use to certain cases where “vintage” aesthetics prevail over use.

1. High spout tap


The main difference between a bathroom faucet and a kitchen faucet should be the geometry and size of your spout, opting for a high spout that will allow us to expand the gap between the faucet and sink, an indispensable condition to fill a tall pot or be able to stack various utensils inside the sink without bothering the tap spout. It is obvious, but we must remember that there are different heights and shapes of the pipes, so we have to decide for those that best fit the utensils we usually use.

2. Wall tap


Generally the taps of the faucets are located under the sink on the wall, but if we decide to make a reform in our kitchen it can be a good occasion to move these shots up to a height of 110-120cm approximately (according to taste), in such a way that let us install a built-in wall tap. Its main advantage is that it frees the space between the wall and the sink, which can even allow us to install a larger one. However, this product is more expensive than the usual table tap, and it would be necessary to add masonry and plumbing to move the supply, which would increase its cost. Aesthetically it is a very clean solution.

3. Removable spout tap


Are those that allow us to “pull” the tap from the tap and bring it to the point where we want to fill a container. They are very useful for cases in which the sink is very small or has little depth, which makes it impossible to introduce high utensils. The spout is similar to a shower head, and has the peculiarity that it is retractable, and with little effort returns to its original position. Its weak point is that the hose can “sting” if we do not use it properly, and also excessive use can cause long-term depletion of the spring.

4. Flange pipe faucet


They are apparently normal taps, single-lever and high-spout, which have the virtue that they can be folded in the direction of the sink or countertop. This choice of faucet is suitable for sinks installed in front of windows, whose height collides with the tap when we want to open it. It is a perfect alternative to not give up the comfort of a high spout tap in this type of case. They are common in single-family homes where they decide to install the sink in front of the window facing the garden.

5. Pedal tap


They are not usual in domestic kitchens, but they are common in professional kitchens or in industrial environments, where sanitary regulations require their installation for hygienic reasons. The truth is that they are very practical when we are cooking and our hands are always in contact with food. Its drawback or virtue, depending on how you look at it, is that you must always be “stepped on” to get water out.

6. Color tap


Until a few years ago we could only choose between different finishes for the taps, mainly between glossy or matt chrome, or stainless steel suitable for more contemporary environments, or more classic finishes such as copper or bronze that can fit in rustic environments. The possibilities have been greatly expanded with the appearance of colored faucets, from the more neutral ones such as white or black, to the most striking ones such as reds, yellows, pinks, etc.

7. Innovations in taps


It is increasingly common to find taps that incorporate electronic devices, such as those that are operated with a presence detector, something very useful to avoid touching the mixer with dirty hands, or even those that incorporate light in the pipe thanks to the advances in the field of LEDs. Currently these devices are introduced in the high-end series although it will not be strange that its use is generalized in an increasingly closer future.

Collaborative management of recipes and data sheets

From the idea to the project

Former engineer in urban engineering, graduate HEC Grande Ecole and SciencesPo Economic Law, Sébastien Vassaux also holds a CAP Pastry at the School of Bakery and Pastry of Paris. In 2014, while working on the opening of a bakery chain in Brazil, there are immediately the problems of calculating profitability, establishing data sheets and questions that go with: how to have graphs, compare products against each other, determine products at a loss, etc.

To meet this need the vast majority of the profession uses the little finger of the leader oriented in the direction of the wind … or Excel. Some Recipe costing software exist but are clearly not widespread and are, for the most part, archaic (think Windows software, no multi-user management or multi-site, depend on the cash, complicated to use, etc.). Doing your management control on Excel is a real ordeal and becomes completely impossible as soon as you want to enter a management of data sheets / sub-sheets (otherwise known as recipes or nomenclatures) with automated calculations of ratios via supplies. The remaining software is ERP (Cegid, Navision, Odoo …) but completely over-sized for a restaurant or even a chain of small to medium sized restaurants.

Web version management software, modern and practical can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Sebastien also starts from another observation: there are many websites of recipes but not frequented nor usable by professionals because they do not take into account the problems of management and manufacturing. Why not invent the “Marmiton des pros”: a recipe management software in collaborative mode, management oriented. This is what differentiates itself from the two remaining competing software. The Food project is launched.

Collaborative public and collaborative enterprise

Food can be used as a single user or in a network: school, company, workgroup, etc. A user can subscribe to several networks and thus:

  • access recipes edited by these networks (after validation from them), benefit from updates of recipes and ingredients with each modification,
  • benefit from additional rights to manage other resources (stock of ingredients, schedules, orders, etc.);
  • gain recognition in the public exchange of restaurant owners;
  • facilitate data entry into other modules (cost, etc.).

Ingredient and recipe management

On Food, everyone can compose their recipes with their own products (ingredients or other recipes) pooled on the platform. Just click on an existing ingredient or recipe to add it to your recipe portfolio and use it. When a data sheet is imported, it can be used as is or copied, versioned and made private. This allows you to start and test the application without having to spend hours configuring it.

Web that Rent of photo booths

United Nations estimates indicate that in Mexico, during the current decade and the next, there will be about 21 million adolescents and young people between the ages of 15 and 24.

This and the future generation, unlike those who closed the last millennium in this age range, modified (and modified) their habits of consumption in the wake of the global economic crisis of 2008.

According to a study presented by American Express and The Future Laboratory, Mexicans left aspirational consumption behind-that is, they no longer care about buying luxury goods-to change it by experience.

From this premise, businesses that promise unforgettable and unrepeatable moments are gaining more and more strength among young consumers.

If you are interested in conquering this market, a good option is to start a business of renting instant photo booths. This offer is very attractive for those who are close to hosting a wedding, birthday or corporate event.

The advantage of this venture is that you do not need to have advanced knowledge in photography because what customers are looking for is not the perfect image, but to preserve a fun moment.

Start your business with the purchase of a photo booths sydney – priced at the Mercado market starting at $ 36,600. Complement your services with fun accessories (wigs, glasses, hats and stoles) and you can even use fantasy makeup or more professional characterizations.

Another option is to do it from a franchise. The initial investment is approximately $ 100,000. The added value is that, being an already proven business, the risk of investment is minimal and you receive in an emission everything you need to start operations quickly. 

New guidelines and anti to prevent false pregnancies unfeasible

Approximately 15% of pregnancies are not clinically viable and end in spontaneous abortion, but sometimes, which seems a priori to be too small or no heartbeat, in a couple of weeks it can be seen that it progresses normally and converts An impossible pregnancy in a healthy baby during the nine months of gestation. To avoid making false diagnoses of this type, a panel of experts proposes a guide with new evaluation criteria.

The problem, they argue, is that ” the diagnosis of an unviable pregnancy can lead to interventions to interrupt it ” (spontaneous expulsion or pills that help achieve it) and, if it is indeed wrong, “serious Gestation “which, if not mediated, would have evolved normally.

With this medication, Jose Luis Bartha, chief of the Obstetrics and Gynecology department of the Hospital in MidAtlantic OBGYN, explains that two things can happen: “to lose an unnecessarily wanted baby or to continue pregnancy.” In this latest assumption, it is possible that “the embryo progresses smoothly and a healthy baby is born” or that, as some bibliographical references warn, “the newborn arrives at the world with some type of malformation.”

Although these are “extremely rare situations”, to avoid them, a group of 15 physicians specialized in Radiology, Obstetrics, Gynecology and Emergencies, after conducting a systematic review of scientific literature, have developed a guide with some modifications in the criteria that define a pregnancy Not viable and published in an article that this week the magazine ‘New England Journal of Medicine’ .

As they propose, to declare a pregnancy unviable safely, it is not worth seeing (through ultrasound) an embryo of five millimeters without heartbeat (as indicated in the previous guidelines). It is better to wait for it to measure seven millimeters and if it continues without heartbeat then it can be said that it is not evolutionary. Another possibility that determines an unviable pregnancy is that a gestational sac without embryo is observed. The new recommendations stipulate that it should be expected to measure 26 millimeters instead of 16 millimeters.

It is important to wait

In short, it is important to wait and not anticipate the events, agree the two experts consulted by This guide “standardizes with objective criteria and demonstrated what we already do all intuitively so as not to put at risk a viable fetus, that is, we usually wait between one and two weeks.”

It is about respecting a margin of safety. Firstly, because the measurements of “the ultrasounds are not 100% accurate (they allow us to see in a two-dimensional way something that is three-dimensional),” says Sergio Haimovich, of the Gynecology and Obstetrics Service of the Hospital del Mar de Barcelona. In addition, she explains, many times, the theoretical age of the embryo does not correspond to the real one (since the woman has been able to have a menstruation when she was already pregnant and, therefore, the accounts are different).

Generally, when a woman comes to the doctor to confirm her positive pregnancy test , she hopes to “go home with the peace of mind that everything is fine.” But sometimes it’s too early to see it on the ultrasound. “From the fifth week begins to see a kind of pea and also the heartbeat,” says the gynecologist of the Hospital del Mar.

If, on the other hand, the heartbeat is not visible or the embryo is not visible in the sac or appears to be too small, “we have to wait a week or two and follow up with a new ultrasound, ” Dr. Bartha argues. “It may be that then the embryo is seen, it has grown and it has beat or that the pregnancy is really not feasible.” If there is any doubt, she adds, “a blood test can be done to assess levels of the pregnancy hormone (chorionic gonadotropin-HCG-), although the woman may have had bleeding at this time.”

At this point, the new guidelines emphasize, the analysis of HCG is not decisive. A second analysis should be done within 48 hours of the first to see the evolution. “If the levels of this hormone have increased, the pregnancy goes ahead and if they go down they indicate that the pregnancy is not evolutionary,” explains Haimovich. A double measurement that, clarify the two Spanish specialists, is true in clinical practice.

However, with the aim of replacing the previous recommendations , as one of the experts of the American panel, Peter Doubilet of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Boston, USA) says, “it would be useful to extend this new guide to all the specialties involved In the diagnosis of the early problems of viability of pregnancy, to reduce possible damages “.


Those who read fishing magazines or watch television programs specialized in fishing will have heard or read expressions such as “for bait casting the ideal is …” or “this reel is specially designed for bait casting …”, etc. Bait in English means decoy and casting in the same language, meaning throwing. So we can define Bait Casting as the fishing technique that is done “throwing a decoy”.

But there we would confuse ourselves with spinning which is somewhat similar. The difference is that for spinning are used frontal reels and for bait casting spinning reels. Therefore “bait casting” is a fishing technique that is based on throwing a decoy using a rotating reel. The lure is thrown to the places where the fish is thought to be and then it is collected slowly to cause the attack of the same, so successive times until lucky. Until recently for this type of fishing the front reels were used as they allow an easier exit of the line and this is important since the lures generally have little weight. In addition, the rotating reels were built with the largest species in mind and were not suitable for this fishing technique. But in recent years manufacturers have designed reels with up to 10 bearings achieving a smooth operation that allows a more agile line output than a front reel. These reels are commonly called “eggs” because of their oval shape, are very small in size and generally capable of storing 100 meters of 0.35 nylon. Both in spinning and in bait casting, rods ranging from 1.67 to 2.40 are used, being the most chosen those of 2.10 m, very flexible to allow a whip effect that makes it possible to launch the lure as far as possible. The two techniques are used for hunting species, such as the peacock and the payara. These reels are commonly called “eggs” because of their oval shape, are very small in size and generally capable of storing 100 meters of 0.35 nylon. Both in spinning and in bait casting, rods ranging from 1.67 to 2.40 are used, being the most chosen those of 2.10 m, very flexible to allow a whip effect that makes it possible to launch the lure as far as possible. The two techniques are used for hunting species, such as the peacock and the payara.

These reels are commonly called “eggs” because of their oval shape, are very small in size and generally capable of storing 100 meters of 0.35 nylon. Both in spinning and in bait casting, rods ranging from 1.67 to 2.40 are used, being the most chosen those of 2.10 m, very flexible to allow a whip effect that makes it possible to throw the lure as far as possible. The two techniques are used for hunting species, such as the peacock and the payara. Very flexible to allow a whip effect that makes it possible to throw the decoy as far as possible. The two techniques are used for hunting species, such as the peacock and the payara. Very flexible to allow a whip effect that makes it possible to throw the decoy as far as possible. The two techniques are used for hunting species, such as the peacock and the payara.

The Reel

One of the most revolutionary products in the world of sport fishing in recent times has been the reel baitcast. This technique is growing by leaps and bounds and more and more fishermen are incorporating it into their arsenal. Unlike traditional spinning, in the baitcast the reel plays the main role.
A good reel is synonymous with an interesting fishing trip, a bad reel, is equivalent to hating the technique for life.  In its origins, the use of bait reels was biased to heavy lures that could overcome the inertia of the primitive system of the reel.Today, with a lot of technology applied, we could say that the weight threshold of bait fishing lures dropped considerably. We can tune the line, shrink the lure and adjust the equipment to catch ever smaller fish or places where fishing requires more subtlety. The technology is very good, as long as we know the keys to choosing a good bait reel.

The most important condition is that the reel must always have the crank on the fisherman’s most unnatural hand (left on right-handers and right-handed on left-handers), ie left-handed right-handed reels and right-handed left-handed reels. This is because in order to nail a quick bite (only way to make it concrete) that usually in hunting species is fast and violent, the cane must be in the strongest and most skilled hand. There are casteos that are classified according to the way of location of the cane with respect to the body and / or distance. For example, the pitch is used for short and accurate distances (such as in golf) and side arm and over head for long throws. Personally, if what surrounds me allows me, I use the over head, Since I manage to control the direction much better to throw away. But know that any set is good if it manages to locate the artificial where and how we want.And the most important thing in any case is to have a firm and sustained “grip” at the moment of the lure where we want to put it, because many times the fish attacks only the deception touches the water, and that is the moment of the dive, so That a good hold of the cane must be maintained. Also be aware that force isalways the enemy of the throws. Because many times the fish attacks only the deception touches the water, and that is the moment of the dive, for which a good grip of the cane must be maintained. Also be aware that force is always the enemy of the throws. Because many times the fish attacks only the deception touches the water, and that is the moment of the dive, for which a good grip of the cane must be maintained. Also be aware that force is always the enemy of the throws.

Most bait reels are similar in style and design, although we could establish two basic patterns, cylindrical and “low profile”. This is a very subjective topic, there are no rules. There are those who like the cylindrical and others of the eggs. One should choose one with which we feel more comfortable.

An aspect that is not at all opinionable is the material of construction of the body, distinguing itself the reels of plastic body / graphite and aluminum. Graphite is lighter and more resistant to corrosion, but less strong and durable compared to aluminum.These features make the graphite reels ideal for small fish and subtle equipment.For all other fisheries, when we look for large and powerful fish, nothing compares to a reel with aluminum body.

All bait reels have ball bearings somewhere on the body. This allows smoothness and stability in the recovery, providing a greater performance in the launching and fishing in general. The best bearings are stainless steel, Which surpass any other material in durability and quality.
When buying a reel, use a simple rule: the larger the number of bearings, the smoother the reel. Reels with less than two bearings are not suitable. That would be my minimum to choose a reel. Ideally, according to your finances, is to buy one with more than 6 bearings.

We often wonder what is the ideal speed for a Bait Cast reel. The answer is, as in many other issues, depends on the type of fishing we do. Today we find reels with recovery ratios from 2: 1 to 6: 1. These values ​​are the number of turns the spool gives for each turn of the spool handle. The more laps of, we can pick up faster with the same effort. There are fisheries that require high speeds like when fishing with buzzbaits or spinnerbaits or stickbaits or some crankbaits. Speed ​​for fishing is also desirable where maintaining line tension is key and fish can swim into the boat.
IMPORTANT!! As a general rule, without you doubting about it, we must say that the faster the reel, the less resistance will have (under the same conditions) with respect to a slower reel. Therefore, for “brutal” fishing we should sacrifice comfort in the recovery of the lure for health of the reel during the fight.

This is one of the most important functions of a bait reel. When we fight a fish, it pulls the line from the reel and the brake system is the one that exerts the applied tension that slows the line exit. A soft brake system is the paradise for fishing and stopping fish. When we have a low, to ensure it, the brake should exert a delicate pressure to take line progressively, without putting us in danger of cutting. If the brake has jumps in the pressure, or unevenness in the exit, without doubt will end up generating a line cut and the loss of the fish.
When choosing a reel, of any type and especially of bait, adjust the brake at different levels and prove how the line comes out of the reel. Any doubt, partial brake or irregularity in the output, should discard the spool of the list.

Anti reverse

All reels have an anti-reverse lever, even older and more economical models. The function of this lever is to prevent the handle from turning back under any pressure, ensuring effectiveness in the dive and protecting the reel from the nasty backlash or cookies. When choosing a reel, make sure that there is no play back, the handle should not have any rebound when the reel rotates in the opposite direction.
Launch Controls
Most people who are still moving away from baitcasting reels are because of early experiences, the famous bird nests, cookies, tangles, spinning, backlash, etc. This happens when the reel “goes of turns”, that is to say that rotates at a greater speed than the one that has the line exit, which is the flight of the lure. In general this is always about the end of the launch or when there is wind against. There, the lure starts to stop and the bad reels do not have brake systems on their reel, so the cookie is avoidable only with the supporting finger to slow the output. The most modern reels have centrifugal or magnetic brake systems that completely alleviate or eradicate this effect. They even have knobs of external adjustment that allows us a fine adjustment.
Make sure the reel you buy has a high quality, easy-to-adjust reel brake system. No matter what the control system, there will always be a low probability that the backlash will arrive, especially in more demanding launches.

Line guide

Another unique piece of a baitcat reel is the line guide or distributor. This gear set is located on the top front of the spool. This part is essential in the winding mechanism since it allows the line to be evenly wound on the spool.

Last Tips
The spool should fit comfortably in your hand. The big toe should be able to easily reach and control the throw mechanism and the reel.
Balance the reel you use with the line, with the lure, with the reed, with the fish, with the fishing technique and with the environment.
The reel handle should not slip from your hand, try it in moist conditions, simulating a day of fishing in the rain.
The reel should be easy to
lubricate and grease. Evaluate user feedback on the internet, ask, go fishing houses and toll them. Nothing can certify a good purchase than the theoretical knowledge put into practice.
Always buy the best reel that your budget allows, but be careful, Sometimes it is preferable not to practice the technique without a minimum level of equipment.
Bait reels can open a new world to you in fishing. Like everything in life, practice is the way to success. Practice your launch a lot. Burn the ships: decide to go fishing alone with baitcast and leave the rest of the equipment, with a few days of experience, you will see that it is not difficult.

I hope this information is useful to you. You may visit

Greetings to all and have an excellent fishing day!

Para-dogs trap poachers in South Africa spotted elephant ivory, ammunition and explosives

Poaching is a huge problem in many African countries

At least 200 medium dog breeds are being trained to jump from a helicopter, along with their instructors , to follow the trail of poachers and protect species indanger of extinction .

The aim of the authorities of the Kruger National Park is to have a system that allows them to capture the hunters before they can escape, a situation that is complicated for patrols because of the difficult terrain .

It is through the Training Academy that is training canine binomials , and the same officials explain that they have found in the K9 a reliable method to combatillegal hunters in the national park.

The poaching is a huge problem in many African countries . According to a recent report, every six hours a rhinoceros is killed on the mainland by its horns, which are often sold in Asia for a large amount of money.

The situation has put several species in danger of extinction and hardly the authorities or activists have the form to catch the hunters , in spite of helping themselves with technology, that manage to disappear easily in the mountains.

However, dogs could be of great help in protecting rhinos and elephants . They are even coach to jump from a helicopter , something that does not seem to bother them but quite the opposite.

In addition to capturing poachers, dogs will be able to spot elephant ivory, ammunition and explosives. All the dogs of the program are raised and trained at the academy’s facilities , according to National Geographic Eric Ichikowitz of the Ichikowitz Family Foundation .

The training has been so significant that even Arrow , a German shepherd , entered the Guinness Book of Records as the first “anti-poaching dog.” The two-year canon is part of an elite K9 team trained to participate in special operations, such as the fight against smuggling.

Best vacuum cleaners 2016

Do you have little time? I make a summary: if you are looking for the best best-selling vacuum cleaners in the history of Spain in 2016 and 2017, then you have a comparative table of the best affordable vacuum reviews of 2016 where I summarize everything .

Do you have very little time? Then take a look at the three best-selling vacuum cleaners of all, the Polti C110 , its immediate model the Polty C115  or the latest version that enhances the latter two, the vacuum cleaner C130 Plus . Whatever you choose from the three will be a good buy insured and endorsed by thousands of consumers.

I have exactly the C130 Plus and the C110 and I’m very happy with both. They have a pontencia of the côte, are cleaned very easy and filters the air much better than the other two.

The 2016 is already water passed and we only have his memory when we were wrong to write the date in all those times we do not know in what years we live, but remember, we are in 2017 and the time is now, Carpe Aspirator Diem said Horacio. And also also now is the time to start having the house like the gold jets right? Let’s do it.

Then I show you the best vacuums of 2016, so you get to the point and just have to decide between the best of the best, well, you save time, and money.

The C110 has been throughout the 2015, 2016 and it seems that in 2017 also,  the most sold for many reasons.

Do you want to know what characteristics guarantee it? Follow me and do not miss detail.

  1. It has a removable tank that empties easily, so cleaning is not uncomfortable; Has a 2 in 1 accessory that combines the suction lance with a brush to remove dirt from joints, cracks and corners, ensuring a perfect finish in your home.
  2. In addition, with regard to the intrinsic properties of the apparatus, I will tell you that this Polti cyclonic vacuum has four filtering phases and a washable EPA filter.
  3. Compact in size, it has all the advantages of a vacuum cleaner without a bag and a power that makes it the worst enemy of all types of dirt, even the most elusive.
  4. It comes in an elegant combination of colors (red and black), weighs 4.5 kilos and has a capacity of 2 liters. Of course, in the section of improvements, I will tell you that its energy rating is not the best (F).

In short, how do you know if it is the device you are looking for? If you want a cheap and versatile portable vacuum cleaner , with which to clean floors, mirrors and crystals, and also want to spend very little money, this is yours.

Polti C130 Plus. The model you have here is the substitute of the well-known Polti C110, and is that the C130 Plus improves your little sister around and has even more powerful genes.

What improvements does the Polti C130 Plus have on the Polty C110?

  1. It has 5 phases of filtering the air that sucks in front of the 4 of the c110.
  2. With HEPA filter that traps more impurities against the EPA filter of the c110. Perfect for allergy sufferers.
  3. Energy efficiency class AA (Double A! Like Double Dragon!) Which saves you a few eurillos in the invoice. (That yes, you will have to wait 150 years to notice results).
  4. Quieter, 76 db compared to 79 of the c110.
  5. Tube parking system, and I promise you this detail is the best I have ever seen. I no longer have the hose lying around tangled, and that every time I take it out of the closet, it drags everything like a fishing boat.
  6. The tube is telescopic and adjustable, so if you measure almost 1.90 like me, your lumbars will flip out of gustirrinín and thank those engineers of glasses of pasta that instead of coming out of glasses they invented that.

Rowenta Air Force Extreme . The Rowenta vacuum cleaner is the best-selling broom of 2015 and postulates the same title in 2016 , you know, those devices with long and hard handle that suck dirt instead of moving it. Like all hybrids, it has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s see.

It is a blue vacuum cleaner without cord and without bag, very comfortable to use and with 2,200 watts of power.

It works, of course, with a battery, which gives you 45 minutes of autonomy (with time will go down) and whose status you can check on the handle of the device, so you will not be surprised with an unpleasant shutdown.

With ultra-thin nozzle and removable brush is designed to make the cleaning of the home a task simpler and faster, so that you can spend your time in more fun activities (and that, no matter how sorry Monica, clean does not spring) .

Users give a 4.3 out of 5, which is not bad, although there are opinions for all tastes. I transcribe some to you to decide with freedom


And with this we reach the end of our tour of the best vacuums 2016 . Do you dare to buy one of them and clean your house in a comfortable and effective way? Nobody likes to extreme (what a word!), But if they make it easy and the result is impeccable … Clean and presumamos from home!


I’m an Argentine filmmaker and I’ve been making films since 1963. I’ve filmed fifteen: they all deal with the social and political situation in Latin America. I try to show that there is only one means of making structural changes in our continent: the socialist revolution; As Che Guevara wrote, revolutions that are not socialist are nothing but parodies of revolution. The most significant of the “frozen revolutions” in Latin America is the Mexican one: it is at the same point as 60 years ago. For this reason I chose it as a theme and I made this film about Mexico. And not only for Mexicans, but for all of Latin America.
The film has been made with a Mexican team. It is an educational film designed to inform the people … We seek to demonstrate that the promises of the 1910 revolution have not been fulfilled. We also used a part of the footage shot between 1910 and 1917 by Salvador Toscano-Barragán, an excellent cameraman who had folded the forces of Villa and Zapata, capturing extraordinary scenes; It is the first time that your material is used in this way.
It is the bourgeoisie, not the peasantry, that has benefited from the revolution. Even the title of the film was given to us by a peasant from Yucatan, Antonio López. This is not a film designed to be screened in commercial rooms. We want to project it in universities, unions and all the groups that request it; The people are misinformed. Our mission as revolutionaries and political filmmakers is to fight side by side with the people, and deliver what our ideology can bring.
In my country; In Argentina, it is absolutely impossible to make a movies online within the system, because there is a censorship that acts not only on political films, but also on everything that touches human relations; So we prefer to make films out of the system and show them to small groups of people. That they are small does not matter; Last year in Córdoba, when the city and the University were occupied by the students, “Time of the furnaces” was projected before 3000 people; But this is an exceptional fact, generally it is about groups of twenty people; It is worth more, in my opinion, to transmit to twenty people clear ideas, that ideas confused to thousands of people and that is what we would be obliged to do if we worked for the system; And those who watch Putlocker  free movies in small groups convince others; As in Vietnam, the struggle for revolution in Latin America is long. We have all the time.
Our intention to shoot a film in Mexico was secret, that is how we enter legally, as tourists; Our work was clandestine: no one knew what kind of film we were filming; Some believed that we were making a tourist film or that we worked for the TV It was the only way to work free, because of the censorship; We have traveled all over the country clandestinely, aided by students and workers; The revelation and assembly were made in New York, since they were American friends, people of the left, who produced the film and gave us facilities to show it.
The film ends with the massacre of the Plaza de Tlatelolco in October 68? … We would have wanted to use filmed footage, at that time there was in Mexico a group of filmmakers from around the world, due to the Olympic Games; But we could not find any film; Have disappeared from the archives and archives of the whole world; A Belgian cameraman had filmed the soldiers pulling over the village: I sent the films to a laboratory in Belgium and when he wanted to remove them he was told: “we are very sorry, but the original has disappeared”, when he protested he was told: “do not bother , We will pay the insurance; The Mexican government and the CIA have confiscated everything, you can find films of the demonstrations, but the Tlatelolco massacre there is not a single plane “: we used photographs that were taken by the students and by newspapers and underground magazines.

2-Self-criticism (Around “The Traitors”).

– I would like to tell you about a personal experience: there are many companions, whom we could define as progressives, who really fight or try to fight for socialism but who have always carried out works of an individual nature, even thinking about the problem of true awareness, Or their awareness of the role that as intellectuals should play in the struggle that the people fight. Many have been the comrades who have launched to make a number of films that could be framed in general terms, as within the new Latin American cinema, obviously, but also within a cinema that we could call “revolutionary.” From the concrete experience of all these colleagues, and I include myself among them, who have realized an individualistic or group experience, I can conclude that the results have been negative.
Why? I think it is because the fundamental problem, when we dedicate ourselves to make a film, is to consider to whom this product is destined. This seems to me a clear thing, it would be redundant to insist here again on the problem of the recipient of the product: everyone has raised the problem.
But the problem lies in how to get to the base and not only in theoretical terms, which always indicate that a film must be made for the base, a cinema for the class, etc., but the concrete method, the practice that allows it. Of theory we could talk here for several days, the problem is how to reach a specific man, the one who is playing hide, who is fucking his life working in the factory and who has the right to at least give him a message , Let us contribute to their own enlightenment, within our limits of petty-bourgeois intellectuals.
The experience of the comrades who have made a cinema of individual character, disconnected from a political organization has been really minimal and this despite being a cinema that has cost a lot of effort, a lot of sacrifice, which is undoubtedly that of comrades who have played Valiantly for making that film and then they have found that they had this very good film, very political, but that only the aunt, cousin or close relatives saw it, or what is worse still, people related to the small Bourgeoisie, to the class, I mean the case of Argentina, always of psychoanalysts, doctors, etc. To do, for example, a function in a department with thirty people, in the middle of the clandestinity, for a group of psychoanalysts and I am speaking of an experience of mine with a film that is called “Mexico, the Frozen Revolution” that soon revealed Completely useless. Here I am doing a self-criticism of those that were my own characteristics as a film director. In short, we realized that with whom we needed to make contact was with the people, that town that was fighting in the street. And we did not have that contact.
In the year 69? We have seen how the working class, on its own, overflowed us, overflowed the world, the military, the trade union bureaucrats and ourselves that we still had – and perhaps have not lost – a paternalistic attitude towards The class: or the workers are all good or all bad. Either we do not understand the workers, or we speak on their behalf, when no one asks us to do so. That is to say, there is a disconnection with respect to the struggle that the people fight and this is a mistake not only strategic.
It is a very serious error and it is even more so from the point of view of the intellectual who wants to give a contribution to the revolution. Therefore I believe that the incorporation of a determined political organization, an organization that has a concrete political project for the seizure of power is the fundamental mission of every filmmaker, any revolutionary who is nothing more than in words. But we’re falling for the shit, we’re eating shit every day. Cuban comrade Manuel Perez said yesterday in the debate something very interesting and that I consider ideologically certain: that we have to abandon the idea of ​​being a lifelong “left man” to enter to work within the level of the struggle for power. That is to say, within our mentality of progressive men, sometimes certain comrades have settled for “being left.”
Every day more left, more radicalized, more “anti PC” for example, every day more against reformism and for a number of things, but at the same time we are totally disconnected from the struggle waged by the people and suddenly we appear when The workers take a factory with a projector to pass a film and we go home then thinking that this is already a political work.
I do not know if it is interesting what I say, I do not even know if it becomes clear, but I think the previous one should be our top concern: we have spent months in the first stage of the creation of our group, Trying to solve technical problems, problems that are important, but at one point they completely absorbed us: deciding where we were going to reveal, where we were going to combine, who was going to do this and that and then came terrible discussions about whether to work on video tape Or in cinema, what conditions there were, etc. Once the technical problem was solved, we realized that our work as a Base Film was not such until we were able to incorporate into the concrete task of a group that was fighting for the seizure of power at a political level, because We are not political filmmakers, we are dilettantes of an intellectual process alien to the national process that the people live.
I make this observation because from this experience, which we have discussed a lot within our group, is that we have decided to break with a number of schemes that we brought and that brings everything petty-bourgeois of all his life, of what has gone Drinking since he was born; That is to say a whole methodology of bourgeois thought that we have above, and that although as a group we find access to the ideology of the proletariat, it makes us individually remain small-bourgeois.
I believe that the struggle we take on the external ideological plane must also be given at the internal ideological level, that is, to destroy within ourselves the individualistic experience and to understand how far we are from the concrete process of production.
If we evaluate proletarianization, for example, “What is the sense of proletarianization for us?” We must begin by rethinking the simple things (because we also want to talk like this, very simple: we are not theoretical). We have seen that the factory worker, who is linked to the production process and spends eight hours a day in a specific job (say in a car factory, setting doors) is fully aware that he works with a group, Which individually can not perform the product, could not finalize the car. Let us not go on discussing now if the work is alienating, what happens is that this door is useless if another does not put a wheel, etc., that is to say that the proletariat arises from the product of its work, its methodology and its Practice: he knows what is the work of proletarianization, what is the work of group, team and lives it every day. That is, if it is still true that a large part of the working class has no class consciousness (in the sense that its class is the owner of the world and that it must finally overcome) if it has developed the sense of collective work, In group to achieve a concrete product in the field of production.
We filmmakers can do the script of a film, the photo, the assembly and even the projection, even for ourselves: we develop a self-sufficient feature for the job. We do not need anyone, just a cameraman. We can do everything alone. This is the way in which authoritarianism and individualism are most harmful, and if we enter into working within the class, taking with us the ideology of the proletariat (that the workers for different causes do not have the possibility to study, or society But also contributing to our petty-bourgeois methodology, we are doing a very dangerous half-way job, because our own configuration as individualists may lead to a departure from the proletarian work and methodology, which are fundamentally a team.
These seem like diffuse ideas, are part of problems that we personally touch and that we currently discuss and develop in our group: how to break individualism, as a military in a political organization (even if it is not the perfect organization: in Argentina there is no party of The workers and we lack the necessary instrument to reach the seizure of power). In the meantime, each one militates in the organization that he believes most related to his ideas.
I think that we must pose in this discussion, not wanting to be aggressive, to stop being fucked, to leave aside the diletantismo of always and to enter to work in a political organization. We are in a process of struggle throughout the Third World that does not allow another possibility.

3- Methods of work (“The Traitors”).

What do we do as a Film group of the Base? What is our activity, apart from making this film “Los Traidores” and distributing it? We are divided into three divisions: the first two produce and the third is dedicated to the graphic material, so that when Division No. 1 produces, No. 2 distributes, and vice versa.
We have dedicated, since before the end of the film, to the construction of cinemas, and this because we think that “The Traitors” is completed in the viewer, because however clear or revolutionary a film is our work does not It serves if it does not see the set of people, playing to us to arrive at them in the same way as we have played to produce it in clandestine form. This is almost a truism that everyone knows but that it is necessary to make meat and to debate in depth.
We have built a cinema: the class current controls a working class neighborhood of 80,000 people. In this neighborhood there are no cinemas, the nearest room is twenty kilometers and 90% of people do not know the cinema, either because it is expensive, far away or beyond its reach. This also existed in Cuba, where a lot of people did not even know that the flag already existed (nor does the film, obviously) and also occurs in Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, etc. The cinema is in itself, if we see it with attention, an instrument of the bourgeoisie. It was created by her to serve her: the cinema by its own gear, by its own methodology of work and structure (it needs a room, darkness, a projector) does not allow that it goes to a factory, for example, to project a film For workers. That is why, since a technique is involved in its operation, it has been an information tool used by the bourgeoisie. Cinema has not yet been used as a proletarian tool, zum Beamer Test auf So our group has dedicated itself, and continues to dedicate itself through part of the division Nº 1 that produced “Los Traidores”, to the construction of cinemas. We have already built a cinema in that place, with wooden plates, that is to say with the same products with which the workers build their houses. This cinema has a capacity of 200 people and is called “Cine de la Base Nº 1”.
We plan to build 50 cinemas like this and I think it is fundamental to create a distribution channel, because suddenly we found that we had made a number of movies and had them tinned without anyone seeing them. Then we said: “stop making movies”. And it has no purpose to continue doing so without a channel of distribution and to frame it within a specific political organization.
Now, it is necessary to be very clear that the result is sought to win people for the fight, not to tell them that capitalism sucks (that everybody knows).
The problem is that because, capitalism sucks, I militate in organization x, I play life for her. And if we achieve this we are doing a concrete political work. If we do not succeed, we will have to keep looking.
Division 3 of our group is currently doing a job that I think is very interesting and that I was discussing today with teammate Edmundo Aray. At the moment the project that we had in the sense of creating a photo-novel that is called “The Traitors” is almost finished, in which in 50 photos are synthesized the different parts of the film, with ad-hoc texts and everything. This material, which is now printed and ready to go (since we have been given a rotaprint), we intend to sell it – through the militants of the class stream – at the doors of the factories and at 50 pesos, which is an insignificant price. Why do we do this? (I see the horror faces of some of our comrades when we see that we use the instruments of cultural colonization once again. Because we use a degeneration of human thought, which is the photo-novel, we think that what until today has been a It is enough to take a tour of the popular neighborhoods to observe the effectiveness of such an instrument. How many women do we see in their houses reading photo-novels and how many workers read them on the way to “Well, let’s read” Los Traidores, “which, as cheap and a good story, is transformed into a way to get the ideology in play into everyday life. it is the only case. it is the video-tape, very important because almost all houses have TV and can thus pass militant cinema or tapes media organization very concrete struggle is far less detectable a person with a tape than Carries a film or a projector, can even be erased in an instant, if it threatens to reach the police.
To conclude, I insist that we must take it into our head that alone – whether individually or as a group – and disconnected from the concrete task of seizing power, we are even an element easily digestible by the bourgeoisie, which lurks with its capitalist methodology to recover . And it still remains for us.
If we are disconnected from the struggle of the people, there is always a place for us. It is a matter of choosing: to be fucked with the people or to do a completely ineffective work.
One last thing to add: when we hold the position that the cinema is a weapon, many comrades tell us that the camera is not a gun, that this is a confusion, etc. Now, it is clear to us that cinema is a counter-information weapon, not a military-type weapon. An information tool for the Base. This is the other value of the cinema at this point in the fight. It is difficult for us to enter into a type of Europeanizing discussion about structures or language. For us, language and language are strictly linked to our conjunctural situation of taking power. Once we take power we can afford to have discussions about style or construction issues. Not now. For example, At the moment the Chilean people resist fascism: the only useful function we can fulfill in this respect is counter-information, since imperialism has separated Chile from the rest of the world. This is how we understand that cinema is a weapon.


They are fast and pleasurable treatments. They fight the signs of tiredness, superficial wrinkles and impurities of the face. In a few minutes the freshness of the complexion is recovered, being like Pilates, the ideal allies of the women with little time.

Any habit of applying a pilaten mask mask once a week, if you have oily skin, or every two weeks if it is dry. It is a moment that you can also take advantage of to relax and rest. They are 20 minutes of beauty express after which your skin will be soft, smooth and totally renewed. Cleopatra made masks of clay, while Popea preferred plasters of milk and honey. Today, the masks have been refined and presented
in a huge variety. They are a quick and effective solution to cleanse, moisturize, rejuvenate momentarily and give luminosity to the skin.


Mask of activated poly-molecules: contains mink oil, wheat germ and rosehip, among other components. As soon as it is placed, it takes the anatomy of the face acquiring the texture of a plastic cream. When it is removed, the skin looks supple and remarkably nourished with a natural sheen that gives it a young and healthy look (Drink Scally).

Exfoliating mud mask: clay base. Contains chamomille, urea, titanium dioxide and vitamin E, among others. It takes between 20 and 25 minutes to dry and is removed with cold water. Contains no fatty materials (Tamara Di Tella)

Biological: with soy lecithin and avocado oil. It gives the skin the necessary amount of lipids to smooth and polish surface lines. It is not recommended for oily skin (Tamara Di Tella).

Raspberry moisturizer: because of its high content of moisturizing substances, it prevents dehydration. If you add jojoba oil, it enhances your nutritional capacity (Tamara Di Tella).

With live cells: it is a treatment for facial rejuvenation. A base of cells packed in an individual freezing state, which allows them to retain their integrity (enzymes, proteins, nucleic acid). The introduction into the skin of these new cells and full of energy causes in the mature a spectacular revitalization from the first session (10 are advised). The result is young, radiant, hydrated skin with no expression lines (Magda Pisa-ni).

Fiber mask of gingko biloba: gingko biloba is a tree with restorative properties that comes from China and Japan. It is a very important anti-aging agent. This mask decreases expression lines. The skin appears moisturized and firm after the treatment. It is ideal for an important event, since the results are seen after a single application (Magda Pisani).


• Fresh lemons for youthful skin: squeeze the juice of a lemon and apply on the skin by gently massaging. Leave the face completely clean to continue with a face mask. Lightly beat an egg white. Mix with a spoonful of mayonnaise and a lime juice. Spread over face and neck and allow to dry. Rinse with warm water and then with cold water. The enzymes of the lemon help to expel the impurities of the skin, close the pores and affirm the skin improving its color.

Skin Rejuvenating Mask: Mix one egg white and half a cup of lemon juice with oatmeal. Make a paste. Apply on face and neck for half an hour. This purifies the pores and expels the embedded impurities. Once washed, the skin looks fresh, healthy and healthy.

• Cucumber mask: Peel a cucumber and cut into slices. Place it in the blender with a small amount of water to make a soft pulp. Apply it on your skin and leave as much time as you can. Fresh cucumber offers a wealth of moisturizing agents that help create the natural smoothness of the skin. It also stimulates the inactive cells themselves and fights the dryness of aging blades.

• Facial cleanser for wilted skin: Remove the peel and knead a well ripe avocado. Mix with half a cup of corn flour to form a homogenous paste. Add cornmeal and rub the face and neck with this paste. This helps to detach and expel the dead cells, so that the skin regains a surprising vigor and freshness.

Advised: Magda Pisani


• Use on the face and neck taking care not to touch the eyelids, nasal mucous and lips.
• Apply after cleansing the skin.
• Place a product under the mask that can be: a clay lotion, a moisturizing or nourishing ampoule, and in the case of the biological, a toning lotion.
• If your skin tends to redden, do not use clay-based masks.
• Do not apply masks containing essential oils to areas with enlarged pores.
• Consult a dermatologist in case of an allergic reaction.
• Rest or lie back while the mask is working.
• Remember that she is the ideal ally in cases of “last minute exits” because they eliminate the signs of tiredness on the skin.


Of clay type: legs that have thickened skin and fat. If you have skin – dry or dehydrated, it does not suit you a clay-based mask, as it would cause an excessive drying out of the skin. Biological: returns moisture to the skin and gives luminosity. Contains higher doses of active bioactivators. Collagen vein: collagen iaminilias are grouped in a leaf, are hydrated in several products such as rosemary, ginseng, marigold oil or aloe vera leaves.

5 security measures you should take to prevent your websites from hackers

All web site is exposed to the elements and network risks. All website runs the risk of being hacked, although it is an unknown web, but you have everything updated to the latest version, even though you started 10 days ago, …

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An intruder get modify your web, send SPAM through the same or hosts a website in the same phishing are some of the most common actions. Our work and yours is to minimize the possibility of that happening.

Use secure passwords is an essential security measure

Some of the security measures that can be implemented are complex and difficult, but there are 5 security measures you can implement right now and they are very effective and simple. However, if you do not satisfy with these basic methods, we can offer you more professional ones at

1 – Use complex passwords

The number of users who use passwords like 12345, qwertyuiop, your own name, the domain name or the name of your company is huge. Using passwords such risk your website or email account is hacked is very large.

You must define complex passwords on all sites: FTP, mail, the content manager of your website, etc. A complex password is 6y & .TRE $ 1DP% aBpFd , any password that you can remember easily is not a good password.

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2 – Keep updated the content manager of your web

Today most websites make use of a content management system like WordPress, Joomla, Moodle, Prestashop, … They are fantastic tools but the fact that they are so used increases the number of intruders trying to access them.

Any content manager that is not updated is at risk, as they surely have known security holes and can be used by third parties to hack your web.

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3 – Uninstall software you do not use your web

It is so easy to install applications with Softaculous, install a new plug-in WordPpress or install an extension in Joomla, many websites end up full of software do you use not all.

Any software can be vulnerable to attack, therefore, the less you have the better. Make cleaning your website right now!

4 – Keep your PC updated

This is one of the most effective measures since a high percentage of password theft and intrusions originate malware or virus in the computers of the users.

Keep your computer updated is not difficult. Only a matter that accept all updates that suggests your own computer. The software must necessarily keep updated is the operating system (Windows, OSX, Linux, …) on your computer, Java, Adobe Flash and Adobe Reader.

5 – Use secure communication protocols

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A dating website for dog lovers

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6 websites to download high-quality video for use in personal projects and commercial


In the network there are several banks of videos you can download to use in any project and I’m bringing a list of 5 banks made high quality videos for personal and commercial projects.

1) Coverr

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How should be the website of a law firm?

A website always has two main objectives to fulfill:

  1. Getting qualified visitors. These are those who come to the site interested in the content published.
  2.  Getting these visitors act in a certain way. (Conversion)

To achieve the two goals we must achieve carefully plan the structure and functions submit the websites for lawyers .

So far all this is common for any website, but in this article we will analyze the optimal structure of a website aimed at a law firm, taking into account two fundamental aspects:

  1. The services offered by the company.
  2. The needs of a potential client legal services.

We will relate a list of items and interesting features to consider in web design for lawyers , especially centered at point 2 (get conversions) we are going depending onthe target group they will get. In case you want a practical sample of how a good site is, please visit the site of lawyers in Florence SC


1. Professionalism

  • Clear messages and direct s referring to solvency in service
  • Publishing valuable content through a blog or from a section of solved cases, the aim is that visitors perceive our knowledge and expertise.

2. Proximity

  • Inquiry form from which the visitor send us your case, if we review and prepare a rapid response get hit and be present in symptom-making.
  • Queries through chat , requires more dedication than the previous point but still get positively connect with the visitor.
  • Photographs of the team’s office , fleeing the remaining stock photographs personality, able to connect more with the visitor.
  • A video presentation where members of the office have services and how to operate gets offers a very good sense of closeness.

3. Confidence

  • A module of customer reviews that speak well of us and briefly explain how we managed to get help communicate confidence of a very effective way.
  • Gallery logos of our customers highlights also enhances the confidence of the visitor.


We now present the elements that once achieved the previous target of communication and impact on visitors are encouraged to make contact and do it as planned.

Accelerators conversion

  • Clear proposals . The client legal services, as we discussed in a previous post has expectations that needs to meet, we must directly attack them with clear messages that help dissolve doubts and are encouraged to contact. Example. First visit free. / Resolve your case xxxxx type within a maximum period of 48 hours. / Always be at your side until the end and then …
  • Commitments. We will encourage visitors to contact if we promise to answer quickly, review your case in less than 24 hours …
  • Contact fast visible and accessible from mobile devices.

Calls for effective action.

A call to action (CTA) is a module from which we ask visitors to act, is composed of a button, a phrase that accompanies and encourages, also may be a small data collection form. These CTA will be effective if:

  • The phrase action is centered at a profit.
  • The button is visible.
  • The form is correct and not too extensive.

As we mentioned at the beginning there are also other elements and functions to consider especially to get the first goal we have named, that of getting visitors, discuss in another post where I speak of the optimal structure of organization of content and as the study of search habits of our potential customers must determine how to write and publish content.

Detecting and cleaning malware on WordPress

5 Recommended for malware in WordPress pluginsWe talked earlier about how secure or fortifying WordPress in different ways, but not always addressed the issue of how to fix or clean infected websites mainly with malware in WordPress and what we want to talk to you .

It is important to be documented and understand the different vulnerabilities that may affect your WordPress installations. There is no radical and fast rule that eradicates vulnerabilities, but a set of procedures and precautions to be taken as auser or administrator of websites will lead to a safer system .

Although WordPress is good enough, if you come earlier then in some cases you will see a message saying that “there is a version available” and it’s good to update.Always make sure your WordPress works with the latest version because it will deliver a 0-day . However, if at any time obviaste security WordPress, you may be already infected and do not even know would you check? .

To analyze the health of our WordPress installations we will use the plugin Anti-Malware and Brute-Force Security by ELI developed by Eli Scheetz and focused on a thorough analysis of the installation files where this is installed and detect threats recognized or potential threat patterns are not officially recognized.

This plugin has been created to help administrators WordPress to clean infections on your website. It was inspired by the need to clean the author of your accounts in BlueHost. The plugin is currently offered at no cost, though you can get some “extra” making a donation to support the project.

In this article we introduce 5 good plugins to analyze malicious code infection or malware sites created with WordPress . This list is not intended to be a“Top-ten” Anti-Malware for WordPress, it can serve to have an idea that extensions used for this work in difficult times.

Sucuri Security – Auditing, Malware Scanner and Security Hardening



Sucuri is a guarantee of good reputation and malware analysis in WordPress. The main features are Sucuri provides control files loaded in the WordPress website, blacklist management control, security notifications, etc. There analysis of malware, even remotely with the scanner Sucuri SiteCheck . The plugin also offers a powerful tool for the website obtainable (commercial) and activate it to make you much safer web Firewall website.


Sucuri Security plugin – Auditing, Security and Hardening Malware Scanner is a set of security tools for comprehensive security control, detection of malware and strengthening.

Current Version: 1.7.7

Anti-Malware and Brute-Force Security by ELI



This plugin has been created to help administrators WordPress to clean infections on your website. It was inspired by the need to clean the author of your accounts in BlueHost. The plugin is currently offered at no cost, though you can get some “extra” making a donation to support the project.

Some of its salient features are:

  • Automatic WordPress malware removal
  • If you make a donation to the author you can download definitions of new threats as they are discovered.
  • Automatically update vulnerable versions of TimThumb script.
  • Wp-login.php patches automatically blocking brute force attacks.
  • Run a quick scan from the administration menu.
  • You can customize scanner settings.
  • You can perform a complete analysis from the configuration page.


This plugin searches malware and other threats such as viruses and vulnerabilities in WordPress installation and helps you to remove them.

Current version: 04/14/65

WP Antivirus Protection Site



It is a safety plug for the analysis of issues and all other files uploaded to your WordPress website. The main features of WP Antivirus Site Protection are exploring each upload to your web site image, updating the database of virus signatures regularly, removing malware, sending alerts and notifications by email and Other options.

It has a commercial version with additional functionality.

Add more security to your site with this plugin that performs server-side analysis. Performs deep scans all files on your website. Virus detects and removes both as Malware that is documented in their signatures.

Current Version: 4.8.2

Theme Authenticity Checker (TAC)



While this plugin takes one year without updating, we have included it because their behavior in WordPress 4.1.x is correct, and presents features when analyzing theme files that make use interesting.

This plugin scans files each WordPress theme installed to detect malicious code hidden links in the footer and Base64 code.Once detected shows the path to the particular subject, the line number and a small piece of malicious code course to make it easy for an administrator WordPress directly analyze and take decisions.

Scan all your files installed to detect potentially malicious code or unwanted issues.

Current Version: 1.5.2

Quttera Web Malware Scanner



This plugin helps you scan a website to verify if protected from injecting malicious code, viruses, worms, malware, Trojans, etc.

Prtopias offers some antivirus features but offers interesting features such as scanning and detection of unknown malware, the state of blacklists, and has a scanning engine based on artificial intelligence language.

It is able to detect external links backlinks and more.

This is a plugin that analyzes your WordPress site to detect known and unknown malware and other suspicious activity.

Current Version: 2.0.7


Whatever the plugin that you end up using for these tasks, our recommendations are :

  1. Always install plugins and themes from reliable sources or downloaded from Plugin Directory official or known developers (read the user reviews before use).
  2. If you can, always you work in a “sandbox” to test before enabling definitively UYN theme or plugin in WordPress.
  3. Do not overload your installation WordPres with plugins which then will not use, besides slowing down your web, you’ll end up creating security holes because d eplugins or topics “abandoned” and outdated.
  4. Do not use more than one plugin for the same purpose, some may acanbar coming into conflict with others or creating false positives.

Who are the best online sites to take courses in mechanics

The online courses are increasingly used because they are a practical, quick and effective way to acquire knowledge without spending large sums of money, and without addressing any physical point also allow you to take courses at other countries from the comfort of home.

There are many sites that offer mechanics courses online, some pay and other free; the most important thing is to establish the purpose and guidelines that want to learn what’s the most rated table saw on amazon.

Some of the most recommended sites : This is a Specialized Automotive Training School. This portal is aimed at Hispanic people around the world, and one of its main features is that their advisers are concerned tokeep abreast of technological advances. Mechanics Online offers several services: videos, self -assessment, professional technical support, videoconferencing, chat and phone calls. At the end of the course, students who have completed their studies, obtain a certificate of studies and a certificate. : This site is ideal for novice drivers as it offers a number of definitions, instructions and tips to know the car, its parts and its operation. In addition, information is supplemented with pictures, and has the option of asking online to any of the mechanical responds in real time. : In the category Mechanics, Cars and motorbikes, this site offers free courses in different automotive areas: Basic knowledge of the automobile, electric automobile, Karting, mechatronic Maintenance, painting of automobiles, among others. To take a course on this site, you only need to have desire, willingness and time to learn everything about the automotive world thanks to the ongoing automotive . : This is an Automotive School online and offers professional courses in auto mechanics video. The good thing about these courses is that they contain a detailed and simple explanation of the precise procedures to fix a car.

Students of this school, depending on their time and willingness to learn, can perform one or more lessons each day. These courses are available 24 hours a day, every day, for anyone of Spanish speakers around the world.

As we see there is a wide range of online courses mechanics, the important thing is to choose an option that suits our needs, interests and aspirations.

7 reasons why a DJ should have a website

A website is one of the most important things you can do to show your presence. The web page should be updated, and it should be relevant content about you as a biography, your topics, sessiones, contact … If you do not have any, should see these 7 reasons why I recommend you the make, you will not regret it.

1. Professionalism


One of the most important reasons in this profession like any other. If you’re not professional, say goodbye to work anywhere, no one will want to hire you.
Within the DJ profession, it is a great point to consider as it will be the gateway for many clients to hire you , and have to carry a good impression of you, so that the page has to be nice, and completely updated advertising.


2. All on one site


If you have to put a link to yours advertising purposes, you can only use one, but customers should have access to all your content. For this serves the website, in one site you have your productions, sessiones, videos, performances, biography, social networks, contact … for everything much easier, and that whenever someone needs something about you, you can go to your website to get it.


3. Unlimited expression


A website is not a social network. While social networks you can only put a maximum number of characters and allow you very little chance of insertion of multimedia files in a web page you can unleash your creativity and write as much as you need to have, putting images or videos on the sides allowing download files … all I could do in a social network, even on Facebook.


4. SEO


A great way to position yourself in search engines like Google or Bing is to create a web page with lots of text and well connected. If you only have user profiles on social networks, your potential customers are going to be harder to find through search engines, and not to mention you do not look for you specifically, but they search among many wedding dj melbourne. In these cases, having a website can make a difference.


5. Global Reach


That’s one of the advantages of the Internet, which knows no borders. Thus, anyone can enter your website from being in your house to the other side of the world, your page will look the same everywhere. Therefore, one point to keep in mind when creating your website is to place a language selector, so you can read the texts anyone.


6. Competing alongside the best


Internet no outlets, no money involved, as unfortunately happens in reality. On the Net all play fair, anyone can manage to have the best website, or anyone can be well positioned in Google, to do no good to have friends in Google, or pay huge amounts of money to occupy the top positions, which in yes actually happens often, as in the great festivals.


7. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

open poster Another advantage that the Net is that never closes, anyone can enter a site, no matter the day or time you enter, so it is a great point to keep in mind that potential customers can find things about you at any time.



If you have decided that you do your website, you have chosen the right choice, the best will go to get a job as a DJ. In another post, I will write some points on how to make a web DJ, what has to be in it … For those who want it create, they can do it the right way, and those who already have the fix for all is much better.

Becoming a celebrity on Youtube is not difficult

How to Become a Celebrity Youtube

Internet superstardom. YouTube celebrities. The (and probably easier) newest way to become famous is through Internet. Specifically Youtube. Independent directors, fans, comedians, actors, producers and personalities have entered the public eye through Youtube, on his way to fame and fortune. Here’s how to become the next celebrity Youtube.

Things You’ll Need



Video editing software / skills

Youtube account

The service buy youtube subscribers cheap


Find your niche. Decide what you are good at. Can you give the news in a fun way. Do you aspire to create a comedy. Youtube offers unlimited possibilities. You can upload videos of literally everything you want. Creativity is the key. Find something you are passionate about and decide how to express it through video.


Familiarize yourself with celebrities Youtube. Have you ever heard of “sxephil”? What about “Fred”? To view the subscriber to users Youtube go. Familiarize yourself with them. Most have to do with information, music, and especially comedy.


Create a user name that is catchy and relevant to your company Youtube / person.”Communitychannel” and “sxephil” are good examples.


Start uploading your site. Show your mission statement, your page biography and his first videos. The actual quality of the videos is not very important, but if bad people are less likely to enjoy it.


Be consistent. Set goals for how many videos you will do and when going to raise them.

Become an active Youtuber. Comment on other videos, choose your favorites, and talk with people. This will become more familiar with the Youtube community while drawing more traffic to your videos.


Announce. Myspace, Facebook, Twitter. Make every effort to get the word out. The more views your videos get, the more it is likely to receive.


Monetize. Putting Adsense on your video pages. Create a website and link to it. Many celebrities Youtube sell their merchandise on their websites as well as having sponsors affiliate for even more money.


Move on to other companies to increase their celebrity. The main users of Youtube offer TV deals, merchandising contracts, etc. Good luck!



The ultimate goal is to get subscribers, unseen. Subscribers bring fans returning to videos, as well as gaining respect as Youtuber. Subscribers are also important if you want to monetize your account. People who see their videos specifically for content are more likely to click on ads affiliates / Adsense or visit their website.

Web sites to train your brain while you’re having fun

To lead a healthy life , we must have a balance between the body and the mind.

If we spend some free time to do physical exercise or sport, an excellent activity to stay healthy and keep the body in a good shape, we should not neglect the training of our brain and mental exercises to improve memory or slow down its deterioration.

Various scientific research reflect certain activities such as Visual challenges, puzzles, crosswords and calculations, contributing to increase mental agility, and as a result help us to improve memory.

These games and applications to train our brain, you can perform both on the screen of our computer, smartphone or tablet will allow us to improve our cognitive qualities, playing and learning.

To do this, you visit 6 websites, that will help you train your brain at the same time that you fun, a perfect combination to enjoy our free time.



On this site, which is in Spanish, you can find various mind games to speed up your mind and train nerve cells.
Each game has several levels and detailed explanations for its operation.
You can play simply as a method to keep your brain in shape or in a more playful way, competing against other users.


It is a site where at the same time that we solve math operations such as adding, subtracting, divisions and multiplications, we are exercising our memory.
Operation and a text field where we have to introduce the result shows. Just indicate the first result begins a 30-second count down, our goal is to correctly solve the greater number of operations before end time.
After 30 seconds, and if we managed to hit a significant number of operations, we can upload our name and score to the ranking of the site, in order to motivate us and be even faster in resolving these simple mathematical exercises.

Games for the Brain

It is another very addictive page, where you can find all sorts of games to train the mind and you can spend hours playing.
Some games you can find are anagrams, sudoku, Minesweeper, ladies, read with speed, etc.


Classic classics, one numerical games oldest in the world, to play on your computer or smartphone Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Chrome, Windows Phone. A so much fun as a complicated game, that invites us to fill nine rows and columns with the series of numbers from 1 to 9, without that recur in the same row, column or sub-grid. Actually, it is a challenge which improves concentration.


It is a simple and addictive game ideal for amateurs to solve mathematical operations of head.
It is an application that displays a series of operations on screen. As we resolve them, increases the time available, always having a clock with countdown that informs how much is needed for our time runs out to resolve.
In the side menu you can specify the type of operations we want to resolve, from amounts to square roots.
At the end of our time, the Web shows the result on screen, indicating if we exceeded the average or not. For this purpose it is considered our personal ranking, which is displayed to the right of the screen. Available for Android.
Do you know any other game to train our brain? If so, please do not hesitate to recommend it.

They spend a good time training your memory, attention and mental agility!

The 20 best movies about hackers

Who does not remember the best movies about hackers? project free tv brings you a collection of 20 movies on the topic of hacker, launch the website to Watch Movies Online Free. Let’s start:

(20) The Net (1995)
First day of vacation of a computer programmer Gets a strange which investigate it. It saves it and discover that it has a key to access the databases protected United States control. At the same time sees how all details of his life contained in computer files are suppressed or distorted.

19) Takedown (2000)
Kevin Mitnick, the best-known hacker in the United States, is on probation because its computer pirateos. Despite everything, Kevin attempts to hack the computer security system invented by Shimomura, a specialist who works for the Government.

18) Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999)
Silicon Valley is a region of California where they settle, from the Decade of the 1980s, many new companies related to computer science and new technologies. “Pirates of Silicon Valley” recounts, with real names, Apple and Microsoft companies through its founders principles: Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak’s Apple, and Bill Gates and Paul Allen as the founders of Microsoft. Creators of two of the largest multinational in the world of computers and software today in day, the film shows the beginnings of these young people with enormous talent but not too good character. In addition, this fiction telefilm had some controversy on its release, because it clearly states that Gates and Allen (of Microsoft) copied Macintosh for its Windows operating system.

17) The Matrix (1999)
A pirate programmer gets one day a mysterious visitor… Nothing more should have the synopsis of Matrix. Moreover, if he has not yet seen it, don’t let anyone tell you to what is Matrix. Because much of the worldwide success of this fascinating and entertaining film is based on his original screenplay, amazing idea product of the technological age in which we live. If to this we move together his revolutionary aesthetic – with spectacular and exciting scenes of action never before seen in the gender-, we have why the consecration of this dazzling fantastic tape as the higher end of century cult film. Maybe that it is obsolete in a few years, but by then already nothing will make us forget the day we discover what is Matrix… and that Carrie-Anne Moss inlaid in leather, authentic ice – cold burning-the sexiest heroine of these cyber times.

16) Deadpool (2016)

Watch dead pool online on Movietube.

15) The Conversation (1974)
Harry Paul, a detective whose reputation as a specialist in surveillance and security systems is recognized by his colleagues across the country, receives the assignment by a magnate to investigate his young wife. You must preview your conversations with an employee of the man he seems to be in love. Mission, an expert in its category, is at first glance unexplainable, because the couple does not offer any interest out of the ordinary. However, when Harry ended his work, he warns that something strange is behind the banality that has been investigating, since his client refuses to identify himself, always using intermediaries.

14) antitrust (2001)
MILO (Ryan Phillippe), a young genius programmer, has wood to become one of the best news in the world. From the garage of his home, develops technology that aspire to the largest companies in the world: a revolutionary software that allows the link of all forms of digital communication, through a single power supply. When Milo is about to achieve his dream, receives an offer he can not refuse: money, resources and the multitude of possibilities offered by Gary Winston (Tim Robbins), the head of N.U.R.V., a millionaire and powerful software company, on deck.

(13) real Genius (1985)
Comedieta student with a bit of mess and crazy gags that give rise to a rather indigestible stew”.

12) Mission Impossible (1996)
Ethan Hunt is a superspy able to solve any risky situation with maximum elegance. Part of a competent team led by agent Jim Phelps, who has returned them to gather for a very difficult mission: prevent the sale of a stolen disc containing secret information of vital importance.

(11) The Thirteenth Floor (1999)
Hannon Fuller, a business Tycoon and entrepreneur businessman, died in strange circumstances. His friend and second Board, Douglas Hall, is introduced to a maelstrom of crime and deception when the death of his superior begins to reveal a dangerous double life that moves between two parallel worlds, one in 1937 and one in the present.

10) Swordfish (2001)
Stanley Jobson, a computer expert who has just come out of prison, is required by the terrorist Gabriel Shear so help you decode a complicated code of a secret account. Only a few hackers in the world are capable of performing the job, and he is one of them. Even though you cannot touch a computer, methods of Shear force to Jobson to help him in his mission.

(9) The Italian Job (2003)
Charlie Croker and his gang of thieves trying to get the blow of their lives; done with a truck full of gold, amañando traffic lights of Los Angeles to create more jam never seen in the city. So they rely on achieving a perfect strike and make a getaway without risks.

8) Foolproof (2003)
Kevin, Rob and Sam plan perfect rounds, without the intent to carry them out. A gangster is part of his job and decides to blackmail to make a millionaire robbery, and only his cunning will deliver them from the problem.

(7) eXistenZ (1999)
Framed in the near future, Existenz writes a society in which game designers are revered as superstars and where players can enter organically in those games Alegra Geller is the author of more game, Existenz, a creation where users do not distinguish the boundaries between reality and fantasy.

6) The Score (2001)
Nick Wells is a thief by profession and is close to an almost impossible theft, which will involve joining forces with a young and skillful accomplice. Dubious society is arranged by the former friend of Nick and reducidor, Max, interrupting plans by Nick retire from crime and settle with his girlfriend. This requires that Nick violates one of its most important rules: always work alone.

5) Sneakers (1992)
Martin Bishop, a genius of computers, is the leader of a group of specialized experts to check the security systems of large companies. One day he is forced to work for a secret agency in order to steal a secret black box. After getting it, they discover that the box has the ability to decode all encryption systems existing in the world, and that the agents for those working are not exactly Government.

(4) Revolution OS (2001)
By this film parade many philosophers and founders of these projects. Richard Stallman is the founder of GNU; Linus Torvalds is the first developer behind Linux and Richard Perens, one of the strangest characters have ever seen ever, is the author of the Open Source definition.

3) Die Hard 4: Live Free or Die Hard (2007)
In the United States, the computer infrastructure that handles all types of communications, transport and energy suffers a devastating break by a terrorist group. The brain that lies behind this plot has taken into account even the smallest detail of this devastating plan. With what he had not counted was with John McClane (Bruce Willis), a police officer of the old school who knows a thing or two about how to thwart terrorist threats, the right man for this type of work.

2) Wargames (1983)
David is a young expert in everything related to computer science: skips the most advanced security systems, gets more sophisticated secret codes and understanding the computer as a game. But the game gets complicated when unconsciously connects your PC to the of the Department of Defense American, in charge of the nuclear defense system, triggering a situation of uncontrollable proportions. Helped by his girlfriend and a “genius” of the computers will have to fight time and avoid ever greater global conflict: the third world war.

1) Tron (1982)
A hacker is divided into molecules and transported to the guts of a computer in which an evil program controlled behaviors at your leisure.

We do hope you are interested in the list and don’t forget that you are totally free to watch movies online at, just by a click.

The best sites to see movies and TV shows online for free

The entry into force of the reform of the Copyright Act has forced several of the most powerful web pages to abandon their cause online movies. However, not all administrators of these websites have acted like those, which is now just a social network around audiovisual content . We show in this publication, the top 5 websites for series and movies online.

Under the reform of the Intellectual Property Law, which came into force earlier this year, the websites that have previously been dedicated to collecting links to audiovisual content that could violate copyright should have stopped doing already.But some of them have remained exactly the same way they operated, even with the attendant risk that under current legislation, while others have devised their own strategies to avoid compliance with this reform. Whatever the situation of each, still remain several active portals to offer this service.



Who said that such sites could not keep a really nice interface? If Pordede or have conquered its users, among other things, by the look in the catalog it is shown undoubtedly improve this aspect Series.Mu significantly. Although so far only found links to series, the team behind this project is already working on adding movies. The menus are really comfortable and, as in the case of their counterparts, can keep track of the series in emission, or seen brands such as slope and more.


It is proposed as possibly the best successor to And although it is not the only site that we can use today to watch online movies, the fact is that the configuration of your menus, interface and operation of the website are ideal for users who have recently been forced to seek an alternative to in addition to watching movies online, we can see series and track scheduling them. However, some of the most interesting features are its lists of contents and search filtersprecise offered.

  •, the alternative to with free movies and series.

Project free tv is the number one streaming platform to watch all of your favorite series and tv shows for free. Unlike other streaming services, project free tv is completely free. They provide an online directory for all series and TV Shows, which guide you to links that out link to third party file sharing sites which host the video. Project free tv offers all new shows that have just been released on popular tv networks

His -interfaz- aspect is not as careful as that of, but the truth is that complies perfectly with what we propose, which is basically watching sitcoms and movies online. In the case of SeriesDanko, as its name suggests, the content is limited to series, that are continuously updated through the large active communitythat counts.

cuevana 2

cuevana 2

Its origin is not the same as “Cuevana”, although it might appear a second version of this software for playing multimedia content streaming. Now, thanks to Cuevana 2 does not need any extra software, but simply our web browser, is presented as an even better option. Where appropriate, it offers a somewhat minimalist interfaceand its operation notable for the ease of use features. We found a movie without having to access links, we can see directly in streaming, since the videos are embedded.

yonki series

¿Regretted the huge loss that led to the fall of SeriesYonkis? For in this alternative extension staying a backup of the original version of which they are being introduced daily, new content that keep alive the spirit of SeriesYonkis. In addition, its interface and operation is exactly the same, so if you were SeriesYonkis user is more than likely that this is the option that best suits your tastes.


Seriesly Website, as we knew it , it was already more than 15 days, but thanks to the backup you made ​​some users could stay with us links the community rose to the website so that finally reached the dimension I had. is built on this backup links,and although still being developed and is available almost all links to the series, whilemovies will be next to be accessible. You need us to register, and after doing so we will see that there are many more options to find our series in alphabetical order. In any case, your administrator ensures that there soon will see online movies besides the series-, and are preparing a feature for users to upload new links to content as well as to report and evaluate already available.


Over time these systems have improved greatly and some manufacturers now have options and applications for tablets and mobile phone. I proposed these systems are still valid, but yes, everyone has their hobbies and use them if we are able to find how to tame them. The funny thing is that many systems still pay also have many limitations.

A common mistake when using these programs is to try to make the perfect start projects. Almost all systems have limitations and whether to fit a cabinet be cut [eg 60 cm wide and 55 cm], do not provide solutions. In these cases we can artificially lengthen the wall and the result is almost the same as good. If the kitchen is parallel it is better to make two kitchens and images are spectacular.

Although it is only available in German and English ALNO system is very complete and very good images in 3D with many options of colors, finishes and realistic effects of light in space.

A pleasant surprise is the Rock Dibanext system. This is in principle for bathrooms, but when asked all collections of objects has a very complete kitchen appliances and furniture, you can make some faucet reviews in order to chose the best one. The render of this system are very good. The council simplify cooking several in this case is a good choice.

The Internet age has revolutionized the world of design and applications. The year 2012 will probably be known as the year in which the design software finally began to make massively from Internet servers. In the world of cooking, software vendors are beginning to offer kitchen and Architecture Studies online services from different software, access to object libraries, standards, peculiarities country, etc.

If we study our kitchen, now this is possible from the Internet directly or bajándonos this way the need to project the kitchen directly or at least to assess its possible variants better distribution software.

In this post we give access to various online systems available. Many allow you to design the kitchen directly and even if they use specific furniture manufacturer, today’s kitchens are modular and modules are repeated in all manufacturers in calls standard sizes. Few general systems can be adapted and modified furniture, but we can always look for a valid approach.

Top 10 best blogs about pregnancy and babies

Alberto Ortiz Value

Since it was created which is considered the first blog ( in 1994 from the hand of a Justin Hall, the number of such websites has grown like wildfire until the billions that can be found today. In fact, according to the website Worldometers at 10:30 today had already been published 1,690,000 posts in the world.

In any case, we are interested in Moodelli, of course, those that focus onpregnancy, baby care and children. However, not every blog that covers this subject can be considered a good blog in quality of the content and thematic variety. Therefore, we wanted to dedicate this post to 10 blogs and websites speaking that, today, we consider them as a reference for any mom, dad or dads.
So, take note, because here you go:

1.      OB gyn

When complications arise, depend on Rosh Maternal-Fetal Medicine. Located in New York City, we’re the trusted, caring high risk obstetrician of choice for moms and fetuses. Dr. Daniel Roshan is a graduate of Johns Hopkins Hospital (ranked #1 hospital, Worlds Best Hospital for 10 years and running). We provide all modern medical procedures, complete prenatal care, ultrasound, Amniocentesis, Chorionic villus sampling, Cerclage, laparoscopic surgery, Inutero transfusions and fetal 3D ultrasound all in one place. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for an appointment or visit us at the corner of Madison and 36th Street in New York City. Very highly recommended.


2. Babies and more ( bebesymas )

With more than one million two hundred thousand visitors per month according SimilarWeb, it is a complete blog where you can find everything from recipes for children, nutrition in pregnancy, children’s recommended reading, to comment on news related to children. Undoubtedly, this is a must-read blog.


3.  My baby and I ( Mibebeyyo )

It is a portal for moms and moms in which you can find plenty of quality information on pregnancy, childbirth, infant care. Moreover, in this case, this website offers many articles on health, psychology, family , … as well as the option to send queries to responding doctors and other experts as gynecologists, psychologists, nutritionists and all kinds of professionals.

Also they noted for its TV channel , which includes videos with information on many aspects such as pregnancy and childbirth, recipes, etc. Another favorite of ours, you can not not visit.


4. Painting a mom ( pintandounamama )

Another blog that we love. In it you will find a wide variety of posts . From articles on fashion, decoration and crafts, to complete information onchildbirth, breastfeeding, premature babies , etc.

They regard themselves as blog of moms and kids 2.0. Perhaps that is why some of his posts also discuss latest technological developments as my children.

They can also boast of possessing the one Wloggers 2015 prize for best blog of moms. Congratulations girls!


5. Pequeocio ( pequeocio )

Definitely the most fun. In pequeocio’ll find ideas for decorating, crafts for kids, fun recipes, with smaller plans . A good place to turn to when you are already a mom and want to enjoy with your children. Also, if you hold your ideas always surprised.


6. Grow Happy ( crecer_feliz_es )

Nice website also has own app.  They publish many interesting articles on health and care before and after delivery. They also have useful tools such as Dictionary of health, immunization schedule, baby horoscopes, among others.

On the other hand, also try countless questions about baby care, so they can be of great help to address some common questions and to let you know things you might not know about development, food, care … You You love it!


7. For babies ( paraBebes )

Another major. They have about 830,000 visits a month according SimilarWeb.They provide detailed information about each trimester of pregnancy and within each quarter of each particular week to post information on symptoms and course of pregnancy. The same baby from birth to 4 years of age. Every mom should access this website: Really useful!

They also have FAQ section, countless tools and own magazine.


8. We are multiple ( SomosMultiples )

Blog must for parents of twins, twins, triplets, or more! as they say themselves.With articles with information and trivia for such families.

In addition to all the content you’ll find on this blog (which is much much full), give readers the chance to tell their own stories. Check out even have one child. The tips will also be served there and also for couples.


9. The adventure of motherhood ( aventuramadre )

Baby website of El Corte Ingles. Here you can find professional and quality information on the pre-pregnancy and pregnancy and care for the newborn.

In addition, address all aspects that concern you when your baby is born: the poss of weight, bath time, the umbilical cord, crying … They also offer a section with videos matronly talks, tips, etc.

Make them a visit, you will like.


10. Pregnancy 10 ( @ Embarazo10 )

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Performance Training Solutions Heavy Equipment Training Center presents online training for crane operators

One of the major exhibitions at the PTS crane training program stand in the fair held last week in Las Vegas was a new programme of training for crane operators online platforms, known as heavy equipment training by PTS.

The online course is interactive and takes about three hours to complete and is intended to replace the theoretical part of the classroom of the traditional operator training. Only participants who answer 100 percent of the questions correctly can print your certificate of completion.

To complete the training, the applicant must attend a live practice session, which can be performed at a local authorized distributors. If the student shows skill and proficiency in the operation of the elevator, your certificate will be signed by the instructor and receive a signed card that proves that it has passed the training.

Mike Samora, director of PTS marketing global, promoter of the online course argues that “Lift Pro training program offers end users the possibility to train at their own pace and on your own schedule. This is unprecedented in the industry, and we anticipate that the program potentially will increase productivity and safety in the workplace”.

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Develop software and scanner for foot care


The company NF Medica, belonging to the technological business incubator, attached to the Centre for the management and innovation of the technology (Cegint) at the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente (ITESO), developed a technology that consists of a software that allows to scan the feet to perform medical diagnoses and then give diabetic foot care treatments.
According to Juan Pablo Delgado, commercial director of the company, NF Medica offer is “a business concept to the office or clinic of the medical specialist in orthopaedics, physiotherapy in general, which brings an added value to your inquiry offering a test. In this way the doctor can give a more modern consultation and specialized software helps you have a more accurate diagnosis.”He said the scanner is connected to computer and software to obtain a result between the foot and the type of templates that the patient, which also develops medical NF will require. There are around 50 models of different sizes and hardnesses and they can be customized according to the needs of the patient.

With regard to the software, called NF Medic @, Delgado said it is used with the scanner, called Plantoscan: “capturing data from the patient, accurate measurement of feet, how distributed pressure to step on, and based on that suggests what features should be the template in terms of size and hardness”. At the end the specialists determine if additional modifications must be made.

As for templates, “they are made of a material that makes taking adequate cushioning, which is very important for the foot,” said Delgado, and added that they will also help to that is to “distribute the weight of the person in a correct way; give better support arches, they help to align the bone of the body structure, to the person to stand more upright way and to not tired feet”.

The company’s business model is what Delgado called medical franchise, which is sold to “clinics or clinics of doctors, mainly orthopedists and sports specialists”. There are franchises of the brand in different cities in Mexico and countries like Colombia.

According to Delgado, 80 per cent of the population in Mexico has sooner or a problem in the tread. So the company aims to “resolve, with support from the specialists, the most common problems of the population as flat foot, arches fallen arches, toe out, among others”.

He also said that the process of incubation in the Iteso “has helped us to better structure the work, to give a new image to the company, but above all in the development of software, which is what makes the Technology Park (of the House of studies).